Week 8/2018

Good evening world,

It’s Monday and time for another update! However, before I dive into the last week let me just take a quick moment to acknowledge I’ve now kept this blogging up for 2 months! Last time I tried updating my blog weekly was back in 2014 and I made it to week 7 – so there you go, I’m still going this time around!!!

The past week continued in a humid way – and trust me when I say, it drains all your energy!

I’ve been lucky to have been working lots (and therefor standing in air condition) however outside of my work hours there has not been much action worth capturing in a photo.

Well, other than my meeting with little Millie of course!

Millie is a little French bulldog puppy (3 weeks old) whom I’ve fallen completely in love with. She lives with Richards parents and has only just started walking.

For someone (me) that has never really been around dogs or puppies growing up I’m completely smitten. Her mom (Richards parents dog) Zoe is such a gentle and caring little dog too and it’s been great seeing the two of them together.

On a different note I got some of the sunflower field photos back and they are stunning! I still cannot believe a week ago I was there, in a sea of yellow flowers!

I’m still waiting for some of my favorite snaps to come back, but I figured I may just share some golden snaps now and keep them coming as I get them!

These photos are all captured by Matty Thomas and feature myself and my beautiful friend Melissa Green.

I wish you all a lovely week and will be back next Monday!

Xx, H

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