Week 7/2018

Hello world, Happy Monday!

I cannot believe another week has passed, we’re more than halfway through the second month of the year and time just seems to be flying!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, filled with love and laughter. I’ve had an eventful past couple of days and just made it back home from Brisbane. More on that later.

I started my week with some time in the kitchen. This time around the inspiration had come from all the millions of posts I had come across on Facebook and Instagram. You see, in Sweden we have this wonderful little pastry called ‘Semla’ and once a year every swede enjoys one of these (…well, actually now adays the bakeries and shops starts selling these little buns of goodness a good month out and probably continue doing so for a few weeks after the big ‘fettisdagen’ – a bit like how Coles starts selling hot cross buns as soon as Christmas is over…) anyhow, the big day for semlor was coming up and I simply could not go another year not having one. So I decided to make my own, all by myself. (Pause for a big round of applauds!)

A sweet bun filled with cream and yummy almond paste, sprinkled with icing sugar – and it was pure heaven! Richard quite enjoyed his too, but I’ve told him he still needs to try the real deal in Sweden as well.

The next big event of the week was, of course, Valentine’s Day – which just so happens to be one of my favorite days. For this year I had decided to get creative and give Richard a bunch of donuts as a proof of my love. The result? Well, see for yourselves:

As tradition goes I also had my annual Valentine’s Day greeting card done (all though, this year I nearly forgot… lucky Facebook was there to remind me about my ‘on this day a year ago’)

When Richard got home he found me sitting on the floor of the balcony snapping away and trying to puzzle together my card. I was quick to get up on my feet when he greeted me with the most stunning bunch of tulips and sunflowers and a box of chocolate (this man knows how to melt my heart!!!)

We then went out for some amazing food and had a wonderful night together.

This week has been BEYOND (!!!!) hot and humid – it’s been like living in a Sauna, only you cannot turn it off… 37 degrees definitely has been getting the better of me and I’ve just felt like a big blob of zero energy.

This weekend I did however hop on a bus down to Brisbane and Melissa. We’d organized for a road trip and Photoshoot down the sunflower fields of Warrick and all though there was concerns whether we’d get to see any of the stunning yellow blooms I must say the day did not disappoint!

We spent several hours on the field, posing and smiling away and I cannot wait to share with you the final results. For now, here’s a couple of snaps from behind the scenes:

As mentioned I have now just arrived back from the city and am waiting for my man, who’s out surfing, so we can go get some dinner.

I wish you all a lovely rest of your Monday and will check back in again a week from now.

Lots of love, H

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