Week 5/2018

Hello friends,

Last week of January, first month of 2018; done and dusted! Wow, where does time go?

I’ve had a week packed with social outings, dinners, catch ups and work – most of which was accompanied by grey, gloomy and wet weather. It’s funny how when you’re from Sweden you’re quite used to that being ‘normal’ weather but after living in paradise for a few years I can hardly stand more than two consecutive days of poor weather. It’s like I’ve forgotten how to operate without sunshine!

Anyways, I did still manage to fill my days fairly well – starting with some baby snuggles with Tiffany and Lukus’s little baby Shelby. There’s something absolutely magical about holding a tiny human in your arms and I just love watching them watch the world in awe.

I continued my week with a photo- and video shoot for Pure Sands, a wonderful company creating sand filled sterling silver jewelry which a) allows you to bring your favorite beach with you wherever you go and b) helps preserve our beautiful beaches and the ocean.

We were a great team working together and I’ll share the photos from the shoot once I receive them. For now, here’s a little video from behind the scenes:

Jewelry: Pure Sands Noosa, Clothes: Estrogen Noosa

Unfortunately my week also included a farewell (…well actually, I’m not going to call it that – it’s a ‘see you soon again’) as our Rooms Divisions Manager and my close friend Nicola wrapped up her Noosa duties to move back to Sydney.

To squeeze the most out of our time together we had a farewell party at Village Bicycle, watched the sun set and the moon rise over the ocean from Mt Timbeerwah and went for sushi at my all time favorite Sushi Yah-Man.

Nicky , I wish you all the best in your new role and am so grateful our paths crossed. You are a wonderful friend with a beautiful, big and caring heart and I love how supportive you’ve been to me. I cannot wait to come visit in Sydney in a few weeks time, and you know there’s always a place for you at ours too! I love you lots!

The world put on such an incredible show for the sunset, the camera simply doesn’t do it justice.

The moon rise was also incredible, but unfortunately we never got to see the super moon/blue moon/red moon as the sky was covered in thick clouds by then. I did however capture the large moon as she rose above the horizon.

For this upcoming week I don’t really have too much planned, so I guess we’ll just have to wait until next Sunday/Monday when I check in next to see what the week had to offer.

Before wrapping up this post I’d just like to send some love to my wonderful grandma, who had her eye operated on this week. I love you and wish you a speedy recovery, you’re amazing Mormor!

Wishing you all a happy Monday!

Until next time, Hanna

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