Week 45-51/2018

Dearest, most beautiful you!

I’m so so sorry I went into radio-silence some weeks ago… we moved up to Stockholm and a million things were set in motion, the weeks’ blogpost got neglected and then another one and another one and all of a sudden it was too big a task to pick up the pen and recoup. It’s been a massive six weeks for us – a rollercoaster to say the least! Everything from dealing with the cultural shock of moving back and adjusting to Sweden (for me) and learning the Swedish way (for Richard), finding work and setting up a day-to-day life, feeling pretty lonely and lost, freezing our butts off and not seeing sun for weeks (I kid you not!!!) – it’s been big, to say the least!

Now, we’re one day from Christmas and are currently finding ourselves on a bus towards Växjö where we’re bound for a (not so white, by the looks of things) family Christmas. We left a snowy Stockholm but the roads are clearing as we head south. Truth be told I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle: getting to wake up to a crisp, white morning tomorrow but let’s see about that! Anyways, I figured what better time than now to try and catch up and at least finish the year off a little stronger… what do you say? You ready?

Oops… clearly not the day before Christmas Eve by the time I hit publish! This is one big post (as would be expected when covering several weeks) and so it took me a while to write…

Week 45

Our first full week as Stockholmers we were greeted by a wall of grey clouds – it was like someone had put a lid on a pot and there was absolutely ZERO rays of sunlight. We were pretty shocked and realized how much we were used to the sun literally brightening up our days. Anyhow, we decided to get touristy and visit one of the museums – namely Naturhistoriska (Museum of Natur/History)

We also decided to combat the lack of sunshine immediately and purchased Vitamin D (which we’ve been eating religiously since)

One of my favorite times of this week was catching up with my dearest, sweetest Michaela (whom I’ve seriously missed and have made sure to catch up with weekly since getting to Stockholm)

Week 46

This surely was the week of love! Firstly we celebrated our four year anniversary (yay, congratulations to us!) We had a beautiful dinner, some bubbly wine coming from the same vineyard as what we had on the evening of our engagement and I presented Richard with the annual photo book of the year that had passed. We spent the evening reminiscing over all that’s happened in the past 12 months (and when you look back – boy, has it been eventful!)

On the weekend we went down to Växjö where we witnessed my childhood friend Sandra marry her August.

It was such a special moment getting to join in on her day, particularly as I remember it like it was yesterday – all those times we spent as youngsters planning for our future weddings. Now we’re here – it’s surreal, really!!!

Week 47-48

Upon our return to the capital I did a quick repack of my bags before meeting up with Carin to head for… New York!!!

It had been a holiday long in the planning – we’d both been dying to go back to NYC (together this time) and there was this dream to once experience the Black Friday madness at the epicenter of it all. The flights came on sale in May and so we booked!

We spent 6 days roaming the streets of the big Apple, bargain hunting and breathing it all in!

We visited Woodbury Common Outlet (where I must say most of our shopping was done, as Black Friday in the actual city that never sleeps was fairly disappointing), did all things touristy that one must do and I also had not one but three bridal appointments to try on wedding gowns (eeeek!!!!)

Brunch at Jacks Wife Freda (which was quite disappointing after having heard such raving reviews about it…)

Strolls along Ground Zero

Mandatory Statue of Liberty shots from Battery Park (obviously) Side note: it was freezing when we first arrived in New York and we both had to layer up heavily to withstand the cold. Luckily it did warm up a bit whilst we were there, New York is definitely a city to enjoy during spring or fall I reckon!

We walked in Central Park

And had lunch at The Boathouse

Visited the bull on Wallstreet

Had burgers and shakes at Shake Shack (pretty darn good burgers if I may say so myself!)

I found a little slice of heaven at Victoria’s Secrets Fifth Ave store. They were displaying the garments from the latest show and everyone could be an angel having a seat at the make up chairs and posing with the wings (Pity I look more like a roadkill than an angel – but that’s running in and out of shops in the cold rain for you…)

As mentioned, I also got to try on wedding gowns and the man in the pictures above soon became my absolute hero! He was my consultant at Kleinfeld Bridal (Where ‘Say yes to the dress’ is recorded, you know?) and Boy, does this man know his dresses! He read me before I even opened my mouth and pulled out some incredible gowns.

My absolute favorite dress was found elsewhere though and I will not show you pictures (in the off chance that Richard would ever decide to check in and see what I’m blogging about – highly doubt it) but let’s just say; I’ll need a minor charity gala to fundraise enough $$$ to be able to afford what I’d really like to wear! (Gulp!)

Here’s a few snaps from all the shops where I tried on dresses;

Spoiler alert! This is not what the actual dress that I’ve completely fallen for looks like at all… (and probably needless to point it out but I’m just realizing myself how extremely pale I’m looking; I will tooooootally make sure I have a tan on my actual day, these pictures look horrendous!!!)

On the tourist-side-of-things we visited Times Sq (which we were fortunate enough to live right around the corner from)

Admired the Empire State Building from afar

As well as this iconic landmark…

And when our legs got sore we took little breaks in the parks, checking in with the locals.

And to wrap up our New York-trip in photos (as no vacay to NYC would be complete without a Brooklyn Bridge-walk, Starbucks mug in hand);

Week 49

Back in Sweden again Richard got the biggest cuddles anyone has ever gotten (after spending the previous 3 months attached to each other’s hips it’s needless to say I missed him whilst away)

To celebrate being back together we went downtown for the Christmas Markets and wrapped up our outing with some Brownies and Blondies with ice cream.

After our sugar-overload I felt inclined to exercise and went for a class at Nordic Wellness.

Week 50

Seen as I stopped blogging it seems I also managed to put down my camera and since my return from New York there really hasn’t been much photographing going on.

Lucky for me I had Nathalie visit on the weekend of week 50, brining with her not only her exceptional company but also her much professional camera (which actually captures photos beautifully even in the darker hours)

She is in the start-up process creating and producing her own makeup label and so we photographed some content for her social media channels and had the most ah-mazing mug of hot chocolate.

Week 51

And this leads us up to last week, which means I’m finally caught up on all that blogging… Kudos to anyone reading this far!

The week just gone was spent working and preparing for our Christmas break and as mentioned at the very beginning of this post we’ve now installed ourselves in Växjö where we’re blessed enough to get to stay for some much needed family time! We won’t return to Stockholm until early next year and before then I’m planning on sleeping in, relaxing and just enjoying being near loved and dear ones.

Hopefully this time I’ll actually stay on top of next weeks update without a month passing and then I guess we’ll just have to see if it’s worth continuing the blogging for 2019. Actually, let me know what you think! Are you reading it? Shall I keep up with the weekly posts?

To wrap up this insanely long post I’d just like to wish you all a joyful and blessed holiday season. May your days be merry and bright!

With love,


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  1. Lisa
    22 March, 2019 at 11:17 · Reply

    I love reading your blog!
    You are such an amazing writer!
    And I love your images.
    Love to you and Richard x

    • hannaberkesi
      23 March, 2019 at 07:56 · Reply

      Thank you so so much beautiful! I’ve been super slack in 2019 but am starting to crave a bit of writing again, maybe I should take it up again 🙂 I hope you are well. Missing you lots xxx

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