Week 44 / 2018

Hej, hej, hej from the grey and gloomy capital city of Sweden!

As mentioned in my latest post we’ve now arrived and installed ourselves in our new apartment. Richard even managed to secure a job yesterday (HOORAY!!!) and I’m hopefully not far away from doing the same.

We started last week down in Blekinge for a final couple of days filled with relaxation, re-shuffling of packing and Skype interviews.

Below is a picture from where I’ve spent most of my days interviewing and working;

(It’s also the place we’ve spent chilling out with Netflix)

Mid-week we drove back to Växjö for a final shuffle and swap of vehicles before leaving for Stockholm on the Thursday. We were lucky enough dad could take us and managed to squeeze all of our belongings into his SUV. (Crazy how “everything” we own is currently compressed down into the format of a carload… but then again I guess we’ve still got 1/5 of Richards parents garage taking up our Australian stuff and poor mum still got stuck with some of my belongings I didn’t deem necessary for now)

Friday was a HUGE day for us both! We ran around all over town interviewing for several different roles!

On the Saturday we stayed in to unpack and get organized in our new home and Sunday (when I finally made time to check in here) I got to catch up with Michaela.

I’ve been carrying my camera with me for most of last week but I have been terrible at actually using it! Too many impressions to take in, I guess!

I did however snap some photos of our front door and the sign that I compiled yesterday with scraps from an advertisement and an envelope!

If all else fails I may consider a career in hand typing, what do you think? 🙂

This afternoon I’ve got another interview to attend and before then I think I’m just going to lay low. I’ve been feeling sluggish and feverish for the past couple of days, may be a touch of flu waiting to break out (let’s hope not!) so I’m staying in for now, better safe than sorry right!

I wish you all a great week ahead. I’ll try to use my camera a bit more during the following days…

Stay warm,


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