Week 43 / 2018

Hi everybody!

It’s Sunday, it’s November, we’ve arrived and (somewhat) settled in Stockholm and I’m officially as late as I possibly could be with this post…

This week has been HUGE – packing up and fitting ourselves into a car, going up to Stockholm and for the first time seeing our new home, having interviews and getting job offers (hooray!!!)

BUT… that’s for next weeks post (which, if you’re lucky may pop up in a day or so…)!

Now, during week 43 (last week) we were also pretty busy: collecting Richards new Swedish ID-card, doing phone- and Skype-interviews for potential roles, having bank appointments, re-shuffling our bags and preparing for Stockholm and much much more.

We began the week down in dads summerhouse and Richard made the most having a garden, cutting grass and blowing leaves…

About half-way through our week we made it back to Växjö, where we had some “grown-up appointments” (bank and ID but also birthday celebrations for our 26 year old!!!)

Hip Hip Hooray Max!!!

We decked out mums apartment, had taco- and hockey-night and to top it all off I made an incredible mud cake with daim-topping.

The next day (Max’s actual birthday) dad took us out for lunch and we continued the celebrations.

Over the weekend mum wanted us to try something new (well, new for us) and we went to an Event Centre to play Shuffleboard. Similar to curling and quite fun once you got the hang of it!

I was definitely a shuffleboard queen! Might be a new career option, if all else fails!

During the weekend mum was also kind enough to still two of my food-cravings: sushi (finally!!!) and hamburgers from Max (swedish franchise similar to Hungry Jacks, but so much nicer)

Safe to say my belly was happy after the weekend!

As previously mentioned, we’re now up in Stockholm and today I’m so looking forward to catching up with Michaela!

Time to get up and enjoy today. Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday.

Lots of love,


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