Week 41 / 2018

Holy Friday, you guys! What just happened??? Where did the week go!?

For once I had all my photos imported and ready to go on the phone to make sure my weekly post was up and live on Monday… but then… life happened!

You see, We’re in the midst of looking for work in Stockholm as we move in less than 3 weeks (…gulp!) and looking for work is quite exhausting! Like… literally! I actually believe looking for work is one of the most energy-draining activities man can do! You’re putting yourself out there, really giving it your best and it honestly leaves you feeling terribly venerable! (At least for me it’s the constant battle of the good old ‘Am I good enough? Will they see my potential? Will I ever hear back?’)

All though it has been and is tough I feel like it’s been a fruitful week and I’m hopeful we’ve both got some amazingly interesting jobs on the go…. we’ve just got to hang in there a little bit longer!

So, with that said; I’m sorry it’s Friday and I’m only just getting around to this… but on the bright side; Happy Friday Folks!

Last week was spent 50/50 between the summerhouse and in Växjö. Richard started his week tending to the garden, trimming back the weeds and growing grass (potentially for the last time of the year, seen as winter is fast approaching…)

Whilst he trimmed and chopped I gathered leaves and flowers and made little colorful constellations (it’s like therapy, piling leaves on top of each other – getting lost in the hues of red and yellow!)

After a couple of days in the summerhouse we drove back to Växjö where I had some dates lined up. First out was Lisa, and it was wonderful finally seeing her again and meeting her little ray of Sunshine for the first time.

It truly is beautiful, having friends that you may not have seen for a long time but as soon as you do again you just hit it off. Lisa is definitely one of those wonderful people. Thank you for our catch up, let’s not wait years til the next one!

Here’s another one of those golden girls with whom I go way back and might not see as often any longer but still just click with – Sandra! We managed to squeeze in a walk on her lunch break to discuss all things proposal, marriage and kids (someone’s getting married in a months time… eeeek!!! I can’t wait to see her walk down the isle)

We started our Sunday right with coffees and bagels at Espresso House and managed to look like we were in an ad together with dad.

I then moved on to catch up with this gorgeous momma of two! Had a beautiful piece of cake in the sun and a big, big catch up. Lotta and I used to work together (as well as with Lisa) in a retail store and we quickly became as close as sisters. She’s amazing and it is wonderful to see her now as a mother! (And all though I loved having her for myself I also can’t wait to see her girls the next time we catch up.)

On my way back home I found the most magical tree with golden leaves so I called Richard out to take some photos!

I even made him climb up the tree to get the right angle… somewhere soon afterwards he had enough and marched back home! But at least I got my shots, and who knows how much longer there will be leaves on the trees? Better make the most of it!

I mean; just look at all these stunning colors (I know I’ve said this in my last couple of posts, but just bare with me – I’m enjoying the autumn in absence of being able to go to the beach…)

And with that said, I think it’s time to put on a jumper and go for another little walk in the sun (we’ve actually been super lucky with the weather – it’s the warmest it’s been in Sweden in October over the past 160 years… 16 degrees and sun is not your usual mid-October weather but I’m loving it!)

Have a beautiful weekend and we’ll talk soon again!

Loving you, always!


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