Week 40 / 2018

Gooooood Mooooorrrrrrrning Monday!!!

It’s a new week and the sun is (not) shining (…as a matter of fact it looks like a storm is roaring outside my window and the layer of clouds in the sky is THICK – but if you’re reading this from down under then maybe the sun is shining on you…) Okay, I’m rumbling on… so why this excited, positive, add-a-couple-of-extra-syllabuses-to-your-greeting-phrase-to-make-your-readers-sing-out-your-good-morning-in-their-heads? Well, let me tell you;

We’ve reached a decision!

We’re moving to Stockholm!

Upon writing out our options here last week (oh, the good old trick of putting your thoughts on paper) we both had a big chat and realized the Swedish capital gives us most of our needs and wants right now. The housing situation is under control, we’ve got so many loved ones we can’t wait to spend time with and we believe our opportunities for work are greater (now keep your fingers crossed this is the case!) so, Stockholm it is!

And you know what? It feels darn good making a call and really acting on it. This will be great!

Now, I’ve mainly spent the past week in front of my computer. I’ve taken up a project for my brothers employer which I’m working on remotely. It’s great being able to pop open the laptop and work away and I’ve truly missed it after two months of gallivanting around Europe and Sweden.

What else have we done this week? I started my Monday back in the classroom teaching two classes before heading back to moms apartment where Richard was waiting with a car full (and when I say car full I mean a FULL car!!!) of clothes and shoes and jackets and everything else we own. It’s both sad and freeing – all we own in Sweden fits into a Kia Picanto… We drove down to dads summerhouse where we stayed for the week.

To stay on top of our finances we’ve been doing big cook-ups and one of the meals we made was of course Swedish meatballs with lingonberries (yum!)

This weekend we went adventuring to a neighboring town looking for long johns and thick sweaters (you don’t need them just yet, but the storm outside the window tells me we will be needing them shortly!)

Richard tried on gloves for what I’m guessing would be the first time in his adult life… he even got some MJ moves in!

It’s not all storms and clouds here though, and to get a break from all that computer time we went out and explored the nearby woods.

I almost lost Richard amongst the leaves…

We’re still patiently waiting for all the leaves to turn yellow and red (and eventually fall to the ground)

There’s definitely already some that have fallen!

Lee, I tried my best getting a smiling photo of Richard to show you he’s doing okay (he is, I promise) but I think he’s still over all the photos from Europe – he keeps making it impossible to photograph him – if he’s not blowing hot air on his glasses so they fog up he’s pulling faces… it’s like trying to photograph a three year old sometimes!

Starting to feel tremendously pale and this is just the beginning of the season without sun. It’s possible you won’t even recognize me after a few months in Viking Land, ugh!

This upcoming week we don’t quite know what is happening yet. We’re kinda keeping it open depending on how our search for work goes and how we feel in the summerhouse. So I guess you’ll just have to check back again a week from now and we’ll both know then!

Wishing you a wonderful seven days ahead.

With love,


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