Week 39 / 2018

Happy Humpday, everybody!

Wednesday already, where on earth did last week go? I blinked and now it’s October… Help!

It’s been a short but long week… How so?, you wonder. Well, we’re still in limbo trying to make up our minds and settle down somewhere. And it’s not easy… Having options really doesn’t make life easier sometimes!!!

Here’s the deal; our original plan was to move to Stockholm upon returning from our holidays. We were meant to move into an apartment on the first of October but life happened and the move-in date got shifted to November. All of a sudden we found ourselves with a ‘spare month’ on our hands and the question of ‘what’s next’ was awakened (as both of us are also eager to start work again…)

We spent a week or so in dads summer house and fell in love with the idea of relocating to Blekinge instead. In our imagination we saw ourselves working part-time and coming home to this super-cosy little villa; lighting the fireplace and spending the rest of our time realizing our own business ideas. Rent would be cheap, we’d have time on our hands to focus on building up businesses for the future and we’d still be fairly close to family and friends in my hometown. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Well, finding work here has proven quite tricky. It’s a summer hotspot and so the demand for employees does go down drastically when the holiday makers go back to their realities.

Then, we thought what if we move to Växjö (my hometown and the town where my parents and brother live, that is)? I’ve got somewhat of a network when it comes to getting work and we couldn’t be closer to our loved ones. But then there’s the housing situation… and finding somewhere to live isn’t the easiest in Sweden!

Now it’s October and before we know it November will be here. Going back to the option of Stockholm means we know we’d have roof above our heads and our chances of securing work would probably be deemed highest there out of the three options… plus I’ve got Carin (my BFF) there – and lots of other beautiful friends too!

So yes! That’s where we’re at. And it’s awesome having all these options, I know! But I am one that likes stability – uncertainty doesn’t sit too well with me… Therefor options are… well, making my life somewhat harder!

Whilst pondering and wondering what to make out of this privileged situation of choices we’ve also tried looking for work here and there.

I’ve been taking these little babies to potential employers all the whilst updating my online presence (LinkedIn, Indeed, personal website – who knew there were so many places people could find you?!)

Oh, how’s this for a little side note! Remember how Facebook was giving me ads for Compeed blister bandaids when I was out traveling through Europe sporting those monster scars? (Don’t worry I won’t show them again) …it seems Siri has done some further eavesdropping, look what showed up in my feed:

I mean, I’m looking for work and all, but I’m not quite that desperate… not yet at least!

This past week I did get some work done though. For example, I managed to create content and build a website from scratch for Richards brothers plumbing business, Sorted Plumbing (click the business name to check out the website) If you’re on the Sunshine Coast and in need of a plumber, Stephen is your guy! Contact him!

I also found myself substitute teaching (yep, you read right!!!) both Swedish and social economics at a local junior high school (my mother’s workplace) over a couple of days.

Kids are great! There was one boy that said I looked like a rockstar in my jeans-on-jeans outfit – winning! On a more serious note though; I really enjoyed being in the classroom and can definitely see why people become teachers. It’s so rewarding!

The weekend was spent road tripping down to the south of Sweden with mum. We went to visit grandma and before leaving Växjö we picked her some apples:

Whilst visiting we set up her phone and found a USB full of photos from about ten years ago. How much laughter old photos can bring!

We then went out to this industrial area that’s been turned into shops and cafes before visiting Höganäs Saltglazed factory (in which the Sydney Opera House Tiles were made)

Rocked my new cap and about 10 layers of clothing to stay warm…

All though cold, this is definitely a stunning time of the year in Sweden. The leaves are just changing colors and you can see both green and yellow and red in all shades!

Time has now come for me to wrap up this blog and get back to my thinking/decision making. Fingers crossed we find our way soon!

I hope you’re all having a most wonderful week.

With love,


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