Week 38 / 2018

Good morning Monday! My bad, it’s Tuesday now… I started this post yesterday and had every intention to publish it but got stuck writing it. So here’s round two, I’ve kept what I started writing yesterday too – I hope I’m not too confusing!

It’s a new week and we’re (trying to get) back to our routines. Well actually, we’re trying to create new routines right now and it’s quite the mission but the one familiar thing that I know Monday brings is blogging – so let’s start there!

Last Monday we woke up in Paris and packed our bags to leave. Believe it or not, we didn’t even struggle with weight as we zipped them up for one final weigh in! (Could be because neither of us purchased much new – see, there’s a silver lining in bringing a ton of clothes with you in the first place: no need to buy more whilst being away!!!)

We made our way to the airport where Richard was pleased to find an ‘entertainment area’. Needless to say he wished the flight was going to be delayed so he could continue playing for longer… after all, he had been without his video games for over five weeks!

Upon realizing he had his own gaming console waiting at home for him I managed to separate him from the machines (I’m sure we all realize it wasn’t fully that bad, but it sounds more dramatic, okay?) to get some self-timer-photos:

We made it! Five weeks through Europe, thousands of miles on roads not travelled before and 35 sleeps in new beds.

We flew into Copenhagen, caught a train across the boarder and found ourselves back in my hometown. The joys of a home cooked meal after all those supermarket picnics is hard to describe! (Don’t get me wrong, I still love cheese and pruscuitto – but a hot meal… yum!!!)

Waking up the next morning as I opened up the local newspaper it was like someone had sent me a message:

Quote of the day; A man’s worst difficulties begin when he is able to do as he likes.

And you know what, at the moment that describes my state of mind to a tee. We’ve gone from knowing where to be and what comes next for the past month and a bit. As mentioned in last weeks post I’ve had to work hard not to think ahead and worry about what’s next. Well, next is here now! And whilst we’ve got every option in the world to do as we like, it does come with the difficulty of making a decision as to what that is.

This is where my Monday-writing stopped… I spent half an hour looking at the screen for what to write next, put the phone away and revisited the post about 3 more times during the day but without anything wiser to say… so here we go, take two Tuesday;

It’s clear we’ve yet to work out what our next looks like. As we don’t have a place of our own to stay and we don’t have work we’ve got all the options in the world right now (…well, minus the fact that apartments and jobs can sometimes be hard to come by…). I think we’re (mainly me, Richard is much more easy going and relaxed in situations like this) a little bit too much in the midst of it all to try and write about it, so I’ll just get back to you with thoughts, feelings and progress when we know more!

What I do know is that we spent the week gone in dads summer house. The busy beaches had been replaced by empty streets and the temperature has drastically dropped since we were here a bit over a month ago. But it’s the most cosy little spot and it sure allows you to think and just be.

We’ve had lunches in the (not so warm) sun, gone for long walks and spent the evenings lighting the fire and watching movies. It’s been a good week!

On the weekend dad came down too and we went shopping at a new mall which had just opened. Richard got some new jumpers and jeans and I found a fluffy dream (which unfortunately was a little too dear for someone unemployed, but at least I’ve got the picture of it to look back at… haha!)

It’s so fluffy!!!

We’ve also immersed ourselves in the art of fika and it wouldn’t surprise me if we both gain ten odd kilos after all the sugar we’re currently consuming…

Lucky for us we’ve been walking a lot, maybe that could help compensating for all the fika? 🙂

I promise I won’t turn into a nature-blog, but at the moment the world is changing rapidly outside and is bursting with color so I just had to capture some of it on our Sunday walk. It’s beautiful, see for yourselves:

Wild apples, poisonous mushrooms and flowers in the color of the rainbow at the backdrop of a deep Forrest or deserted beach – we’ve come a long way from the turquoise water in Biarritz and the majestic Eiffel Tower in Paris…

It’s definitely got its charm and I, for one, have enjoyed staying in the same spot and waking up in the same bed for the past 6 nights. That’s longer than we’ve stayed in any one spot for over two months!!!

Time to wake the sleeping beauty next to me and see what the day has to offer. I think we may be driving back to Växjö – wouldn’t want to get too stuck in the one spot just yet, right? Haha!

Wishing you all a fab week and please, send some loving vibes and clarity my way if you can! I sure do need it right now…

Loving you.

X, H

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