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Good morning world!

This week, coming to you straight from the Swedish country side with a re-packed bag featuring warmer/more autumn like clothing and a new adventure ahead… You know what they say; when waiting on something good, the wait can’t ever be too long… (All though, I will have to apologize again this update is arriving later in the week)

Our trip is officially over (insert sad face) and I’ve needed a few days to arrive back in Sweden and get organized (I’ll save the details for next weeks post), however: I am finally ready to update you on our last week of European globetrotting!

As you know, last Sunday we arrived in Biarritz after a long drive and went searching for waves without any luck. Unfortunately the next day proved to offer flat conditions again so we decided to cross the boarders and have a Spanish day instead. We had pinxtos (tapas) in San Sebastián and wandered the streets feeling slightly cooler under the cloud filled sky.

Lucky for us the weather turned around and we could wrap up the day back at the local beaches before sussing out where to hire a surfboard for the coming few days.

Waking up the next morning Richard must have felt like his birthday and Christmas was coinciding – he was finally going to get to surf!

We spent the whole day jumping between beaches, testing out all the different breaks.

The rest of our time in Biarritz pretty much looked the same: Richard in the water and me on the beach, reading books, listening to podcasts, contemplating life and having the odd swim.

Talking about life: I found this quote online right before we left Australia and decided I was going to try and live by it…

For someone like myself constantly overthinking and stressing about anything – big or small – it’s been a valuable reminder to try and just go with the flow. Breaking up from a routine and day-to-day-life, quitting your job and not knowing when you’ll next have and income or what it will be, all the whilst spending money (because traveling doesn’t come for free) could’ve easily turned me into a nagging nightmare but I’ve really tried hard these past few weeks and months to just go with it. And I’m proud to say I think I’m improving and learning new ways. Yay!

To mix up the surfing and beaching we also decided to check out the local townships and never have I ever seen a sky as blue or water as turquoise as this;

And yes, it doesn’t just look like a pajamas: I’m actually out sporting my night robe in broad daylight… Fashion is an interesting thing, right?

All in all Richard managed to squeeze in three days of surfing and his review of our stop in Biarritz was: this was the best part of the holiday! (Give the man a surfboard and some waves, let him wrap up the day beer in hand and he’ll be happy!)

I too, enjoyed our stop: it’s a stunning corner of the world, just see for yourself!

We dropped our french hire car in Biarritz and jumped on our last domestic flight, which took us to the romantic city of Paris.

Upon arriving to town we went straight for the landmark with a big L… or I mean, E… yes, I’m of course talking about the Eiffel Tower!

Majestic and magnificent! And all though we could sense a drop in temperature compared to when we started our holidays in Milan five weeks ago it was a welcomed change as it made walking around so much more enjoyable!

When the night fell and the sun disappeared my phone lit up with a call from Carin. Her and Marcus had caught a plane down after work to spend the weekend eating macaroons and baguettes with us.

We caught up and decided to head back to the tower, which was lit up in light of the cultural exchange between Japan and France that the two have had for the past few months.

The next morning we caught up with another familiar face: namely Alice’s. Richard and Alice used to work together at Rococo in Noosa and it was wonderful seeing her back in her hometown.

We spent the next few hours getting spoilt with a genuine french experience! It was a food feast that went on for hours, all whilst the Parisians where passing by, going about their Saturday errands.

One of the things we tried was foie gras (Considered a luxury food product made of the liver of a goose that has been specially fattened)

Sensitive readers are advised to skip this part of the text and the image below as I’m about to show you what that means…

By French law, foie gras is defined as the liver of a duck or goose fattened by force-feeding corn with a feeding tube, a process also known as gavage.

Let’s just say, it didn’t taste quite as nice after knowing how it was made… and it’s not something I would ever order or want to support myself again. But, this is what french people eat at special occasions and it does have a very unique flavor!

We also tried snails (because you cannot go to Paris and not have snails, Right?) and I must say I didn’t mind them! As a matter of fact, I would rather a snail than an oyster moving forward!

Thank you Alice and family for looking after us and showing us a wonderful time with both yummy and interesting food!

After saying au revoir Richard and I continued our sightseeing and stopped by Notre Dame as well as some famous street art.

We were lucky enough the weekend we had chosen for our visit also happened to be The Heritage Weekend, which allowed us to climb the Arc d’Triomph for free:

Stunning city views from above!

On the Sunday we caught up with Marcus and Carin to view one final church; namely Sacre Coer.

This trip we’ve seen so many churches I’m unsure I’d even be able to tell them apart in photos by now…

We then moved onto Moulin Rouge.

As it is my belief it would be an even bigger crime going to Paris without a visit to Lauderées (compared to not having snails) this was our next stop:

If it was up to me (and my wallet would allow for it) I’d spend all day long in here, trialing every flavor once and twice and even three times! Yum, yum and YUM!

After stuffing our faces full of macaroons we walked Carin and Marcus back to the Eiffel Tower, where they caught a bus to go to the airport.

I wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip and not get a ring-shot with the tower…

We then moved on to Musée D’Orsay to squeeze in some final cultural experiences to our trip.

Richards favorite was the works of Degas, I must say mine was the iconic clock on the building!

We ended our Sunday wine in hand by the tower for a final sunset picnic consisting of cheeses and ham (we finally learnt what french cheeses we prefer!!!)

We stayed out until dark before heading back to the room for our last of 36 nights in a hotel bed…

And that my friends, marked the end of last week and also the last evening of our holidays!

As mentioned earlier, we’re now back in Sweden and the temperature has dropped! There definitely won’t be as many photos of exotic beaches or historic churches moving forward, but I figured I’d wrap up the holidays in next weeks post and then it’s onto the next chapter of setting ourselves up in Sweden. I hope you choose to follow along and continue checking back next week!

For now, have a happy Thursday and guess what: the weekend is just around the corner!

With all my love,


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