Week 23 / 2018

Hello world!

First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful feedback I have received for my last post! It means the world to me, knowing that you check in and read and appreciate my little signs of life (…even though they sometimes arrive a little later than planned! I’m sorry!)

The week that passed was emotional to say the least! It was like I had this big build up and eventually it kind of caught up with me and the water boiled over the rim of the little saucepan that is me.

Now, Why this emotional overload, you ask? Well, truth be told these past couple of months have been fairly testing… starting off with my back injury (which I’m sure you feel like you’ve heard enough about) limiting me from moving freely and also stopping me from exercise the way I usually would to get an outlet for my emotions.

The next big hit arrived when Richard got made redundant earlier this year. He was far from the only one (300+ people got to leave their roles due to restructuring within the business) and at the end of the day, we’d both like to see this as a blessing more than anything. But it was tough… him spending the next few months not having work, whilst I was feeling less happy at my job after Nicola left made for a rough period. Add on top of that a few other incidents here and there (which I won’t bore you with now) and you’ve got a recipe for instability and anxiety.

Fast forward to today and I’m happy to say Richard has had a job for a while, however baring in mind he’s now back working as a restaurant manager (working nights whilst I’m mainly doing morning and day shifts) it has meant not seeing too much of each other. And I love seeing him! I crave our time together and, sure, some alone time can be fine from time to time but I’m a girl that needs to talk and vent and talk and hang out (THANK you Carin, mum and dad for giving me so many of your hours on the phone, without them I’m not sure what I would do!!!) This past week we seemed to work complete opposite hours, I felt my back injury flare up after a yoga class I probably shouldn’t have taken and it was just a very lonely week all up.

However, talking about it and allowing myself to feel what I was feeling I am feeling better, at least today. And I suppose, in light of the recent and extremely tragic suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain – can we please all take this as a reminder to talk? It’s okay not to always feel okay, but let’s be there for each other. Let’s check in with each other, offer help and support (and ask for it when we need it). I promise I’ll always be here, if ever you need me. Always! You are not alone.

Staying on the subject for just one more moment, strangely enough it just so happens the book I’m currently reading is on a very similar topic.

Once again, Mr Coelho knows how to write a story that leaves you thinking and feeling. He captures my attention from the get-go and has me reading all his books from cover to cover.

This was my view reading the book one of my lonely afternoons this past week:

When the sun set and it was too dark to keep reading I went for some podcasts instead. Those knowing me knows I’m a huge fan of (read: obsessed with) swedish pop/soul superstar Oskar Linnros. The below podcast is a fantastic interview, mixing music with talking. Warm recommendation!

One of the mornings before I started work Richard and I went for a little walk to check the surf;

Take note of my down vest on a 20-something degree winters day – I’m becoming so Australian, you almost couldn’t believe I spent 20 odd years in the cold far north of Europe… crazy how the body acclimatizes.

Other happenings in the past week was not one but two Photoshoot’s, which I’m still waiting for images from, I’ll share it with you once I get them back!

Speaking of getting the results back, remember how I did a video shoot for The Original Eumundi Markets? Well, the first one is published so here’s a little bit of me in motion 🙂

Alright, time to get this Thursday started (I know, Thursday updates – what’s going on?) – first Inferno Pilates, then work!

Have a great rest of our week.

With love, Always, H.

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