Week 2/2018

Hello Internet!

Another week has passed (…is it really just a week? Feels like another lifetime… is it September yet???) and it’s time to blog again!

For the greater part of this week I’ve found myself in pain. And let me tell you something – time definitely does not pass quickly when in pain.

I went to work Monday but ended up going home half way through Tuesday as my back was killing me. I spent the rest of the week floating in my pool (the one thing taking most weight off my spine and therefore leaving me in a more comfortable state of being).

Whilst I’ve definitely had better (and more eventful) weeks I figured I’d practice gratitude and share with you my positives of the week.

Number one, this view:

All though stuck in discomfort, I could’ve definitely had worse views… This weeks weather has been absolutely spectacular (mid 30s and beautifully blue skies every day!) leaving me with a golden sunkissed look after all those hours in water.

To keep myself occupied I’ve listened to endless numbers of podcasts and solved a bunch of sudokus (what an underrated activity!!! It’s been years since I last did one but this week has completely reignited my love for problem-solving and brain-gymnastics). If anyone is bored I highly recommend getting into sudokus. I also recommend everyone to listen to the podcast of Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl) and if you’re Swedish and into listening to crime related documentaries ‘En Mörk Historia’.

Other than that, my friends, I really don’t have much fun to report. As for my back, I saw my doctor last Monday. He referred me to get a cortisone/steroid injection to my spine, which I did on Friday (the idea was to relieve some of my pain, unfortunately I cannot say it’s really done much). I was meant to go back to work tomorrow (Monday) but am now looking at at least another couple of days rest. Hoping to see my doctor and a physiotherapist early this coming week. Keep your fingers crossed for me that there’ll be some light at the end of this tunnel.

It’s now bedtime down under and whilst I realize this post might potentially go down in history as the most uninspired, uneventful and boring post EVER at least I’m still keeping my resolution alive. I’ll do my best to fill next week with something a bit more worthy of an update.

Until then; hug your loved ones, look up at the sky and smile at the sun and go solve some sudokus!

Xx, Hanna

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