Week 19 / 2018

Good Morning Wednesday!

Another week, another late blogpost. In my defense I’ve completely lost track of my days – when you’re working Monday to Friday and get the weekends off (or even different days but have the same days off) it’s so much easier keeping those tricky 7 little days in line, but at the moment I’m all over the shop and it was only then I realized that ‘oops, I did it again! We’re well into a new week and there is still radio silence on here…’

I went to check my camera for what action I had the past week, and whilst there’s definitely been big things going down I completely seem to have forgotten all about how to snap and capture them. Yep, that’s right – I had a whopping 0 images!

So, I guess words and a couple of older images will have to suffice!

Last week was filled to the brim with work (6 days on) which led to less spare time. I know we spent one morning before work buying almond croissants and having breakfast on a bench by the river which was lovely – other than that, my memory is a blur! (Scary, is anyone else like that too???)

On the Saturday I did a video shoot for The Original Eumundi Markets, which will become little snippets for their social media channels. I’ll keep an eye out for when they get released and let you know! It was a great day roaming around the stalls of wonderfully handcrafted goods and speak to the amazingly, creative people behind them.

Speaking of videos (and work), I don’t actually think I ever shared these with you…

This little video was recorded in late 2016 for The Sebel Brisbane, which is a wonderful hotel in the CBD. It’s probably one of the first (if not the first?) time I got Richard to come to a shoot and work with me. One thing led to another and a few months later we recorded the below together:

And believe it or not… from that shoot I actually ended up getting my day-to-day job! So when I say I’ve been working, chances are big this is where you would have found me: at one of the nicer, most family friendly, beautifully appointed resorts down on Hastings Street. Now a-days I work behind the front desk as well as in reservations. So there you go!

Amazing how one thing can turn into something new and exciting isn’t it?

Back to my last week; the Sunday just past was Mother’s Day in Australia and I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to send my absolute hero of a Mamma the biggest shoutout!

Mamma, words would not even begin to describe how important you are to me. Your support and love is never-ending and when I grow up I hope to become just like you! You have a heart bigger than most, you see the good in people, you’re patient, fun-loving, gentle, clever, caring and the best mamma a girl (and boy) could ever ask for! I love you!!!

As mentioned, it’s now Wednesday in the land of Oz and I’ve got a few hours this morning before heading off to work, I might just try and get Richard out of bed and get this party started!

Have a wonderful rest of your week.

With love, H xx

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