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What former Employers say

  • “Hanna has proved herself to be a very dedicatedand passionate peopleoigist. Striving each day toprovide exceptional service to each guest alongwith putting effort into improving the business with some great initiatives. Hanna has beenrepresented by several guests with great feedback. ”

    D. Fitzpatrick/ The Sebel, Noosa
  • Hanna is a highly motivated, intelligent individual who has shown an exceptional work ethic, she is enthusiastic, energetic, creative, and highly organized. She is an honest, reliable and considerate, success oriented staff member, with great personality and vitality.

    R. Austin/ Laila Store, Noosa
  • Hanna has in an extraordinary manner handled customers both internally and externally and performed all her projects at the highest level.We can warmly recommend Hanna for assignments in marketing, sales and project management!

    F. Göthberg /
  • Hanna has a great talent in communication and marketing and did significantly improve our communication with the customers. Besides her communicative skills Hanna has also shown that she is very good at performing in different projects quickly and accurately.

    P. Aspengren / Nordic E-Commerce Group
  • Hanna is creative, fast, efficient and thorough in the performance of her duties. Hanna has been a highly valued colleague and has collaborated with other staff members, students and business mentors in an exemplary manner. We therefore give Hanna our best recommendations.

    J. Kåberg / ProCivitas Private High School

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