Our Wedding Day

On the 19th of August 2019 I married the man of my dreams. It was the most magnificent, magical day – it was everything I ever hoped for and more than I could ever dream of.

One month later and I’m still on that ‘Just Married’ high… the photos have rolled in and I’m waiting on final edits of the video from the day. And I figured – what better way to share with the world, than in a blogpost where I can combine text with images?

So get ready and strap yourself in, I have a feeling this will be a long one…

The Backstory

As with all (or at least most…) weddings it all starts with a story of how we met. Now, as some of you may know ours started some six years ago…

You see, in April 2013, I found myself boarding a plane with a one-way ticket and a final destination of Noosa, Australia. Leading up to this day my life had been flipped on it’s head with failing personal relationships as well as a work situation that was causing tremendous amounts of stress and physical illness. I was 21 years old and to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. So, with the words of every flight attendant in the world whispering in my head “Oxygen and the air pressure are always being monitored. In the event of a decompression, an oxygen mask will automatically appear in front of you. /…/ If you are travelling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person.” I knew I had to secure my own mask first, before helping others. I had to take myself out of the situation that was causing so much grief and so I booked a one-way ticket to a land almost as far away as I could get.

Fast forward six years and I can truly say it was the best decision I ever made for myself. I found a slice of paradise and after spending three months writing a novel to deal with my emotions I decided to try my best to make Noosa my home. I went out and found a job, made friends and new routines. And along came Richard.

He was the man that was serving me orange juice at the local restaurant where I would spend my evenings, laptop in front of me working on my novel. Our relationship is built on a strong foundation of friendship and took over a year to develop into something romantic.

As of November 2014 I’ve called him my partner and he has been and is my greatest blessing. He is sweet, caring and fun, creative and talented in so many ways. He also has the worst morning mood and is quite possibly one of the grumpiest people on this planet, but more than anything he loves and supports me endlessly. And I would do anything for him.

Skipping forward to last year, we found ourselves making the decision to move from the paradise where we had met to the cold land of Vikings where I was born. It was now July 2018 but before settling in Sweden we went on a holiday through Italy, Spain and France.

And that’s when he dropped down on one knee… (…well, it was actually more two knees as the gondola was fairly wobbly – but that’s a different story and you can read more about it here)

Our engagement, the 19th of August 2018 in Venice, Italy.

Me, being a to-do-list-loving, super organized, ahead-of-myself-planning type of person, immediately took to Pinterest where I had been collecting dreams and ideas for a wedding for as long as I could remember. However, being in the middle of a European road-trip we decided our wedding-plans could wait until we returned back to Sweden to set our lives up. Then, the setting-up-of-our-lives took a lot more energy and time than we had imagined, struggling to find a place to live and moving cities three times before, in February of this year, deciding to settle in the town where I was born.

Time kept flying by and it wasn’t until the end of June (with approximately six weeks to plan the wedding) that we finally set a date for and started planning (read: executing as we went, because let’s be honest – it’s not like we had given ourselves a lot of spare time to weigh options, think and rethink with such a short timeframe)

I always had the idea that I wanted to marry within a year of my engagement. I’ve also always been one of those crazy numbers-people (where I want the numbers of the date to look a certain way… weird, I know…).

Therefore, it was sort of a non-negotiable it had to fall on the one year engagement anniversary – Saturday or not… (it turned out to be a Monday, but that’s Okay, I now reckon Monday weddings are the best!)

19.08.19 – Our Wedding Day

Lots more can of course be said – both about our relationship, journey together and the six weeks of planning a wedding. But I figured to not make this post to long I will now move on to the Big Day that was a month ago…

On Sunday the 18th of August 2019, after a long day of preparations (Richard in the kitchen organising food with the help of his parents, flown in from down under and me at the island where the event would take place – creating flower-arrangements in the pouring rain, preparing my speech and going over final details with the help of mum and her partner Kennert) we had our final meal together before mum and I went back to town and I fell asleep as a miss for the last time.

Waking up well before the alarm started buzzing the day started with a shower, blow-dry and manicure before Nathalie (my incredible make up artist and photographer) and Sara (cake-maker extraordinaire) rocked up. It was then time to get dolled up and mum and I had the most relaxing experience, munching on heavenly tasting macarons and sipping on bubbles whilst at the hands of professionals.

It looked a little something like this…

I then got to bring out The Gown. And let me stop right there…
This Gown (which deserves a museum of its own due to its incredible beauty) is my Dream Dress. (For those of you who may have been following me and remember I went to New York in November last year to try on dresses and found The One – Yep, that ended up being The One. I just couldn’t go past it…)

She is called Vita and is made by this insanely talented team of amazing humans in New Zealand. They are known as Rue De Seine and they make the dresses of the dresses. I suggest you check them out!

With flowers in my hair from Fröken Nylund I felt like a million dollars – I was blessed to work with the best of the best in all categories for my Wedding Day and they all outdid themselves in delivering on my wild ideas of what I wanted to create. THANK YOU (!!!!) from the bottom of my heart – to all of you!

Whilst getting ready back in town Richard and co. had been doing the same back at the island. (All though they needed a lot less time so they also managed to set everything up, get drone footage sorted and – as rumour has it – do some fishing…)

Upon getting ready came the time for our First Look, and boy was I nervous! It was like waiting for Christmas and your Graduation Day, doing your practical exam for your drivers licence and singing in front of a big audience – all at once. The butterflies were literally flying OUTSIDE my belly…

Hiding in the bushes and waiting for my cue to walk along the gravelled path and tap my soon-to-be-husband on the shoulder I was giddy with excitement. Joining us for the day was also Aya who captured every second of this experience in motion – don’t despair, I will be showing you later… She did the most incredible job in capturing it all!

Seeing Richards back all those nerves just disappeared and it was so, so obvious – everything had always been leading up to this moment – the moment where I would see him and know that I would be his forever.

Moving on we then had our photos taken, and I will just leave some of them here for you – words are probably not really needed…

After wrapping up in the forrest and field of gold we said good bye for now and Richard took the boat across to be at the island for when the guests would arrive. (I keep talking about this island and you’ve probably already worked it out by now – but we married on a beautiful private island surrounded by forrest in a small little lake outside my hometown. It is the island of my mums partner and we spend so much of our spare time there – Richard fishing and me sun baking, weaving or just being. It is a little heaven on earth and it is so serene)

Words can’t really describe what a beautiful day it was – I am so happy we have photos and videos from the day and urge everyone getting married to do the same! It’s a day to remember forever… And I must say, even though we only had six weeks to plan and execute (and every guide on Pinterest on “how to plan your wedding in a small timeframe” refer to a small timeframe being six months, not weeks…) I feel so pleased with how it turned out! Pictured above is our wedding invitation, I designed it myself and managed to source a printer in China who was able to express-produce and ship it to me. Doesn’t it just look rad?!

This was Richard moments before I would arrive and our ceremony would begin. Always true to style, my man – charming all our guests by pulling up fish after fish. Luckily he did wash his hands before greeting me by the jetty and he also managed not to get his wedding suit or shoes wet…

And whilst the Mr was out fishing the wedding cake was brought out to its true environment – inspired by the surroundings and the wedding dress Sara from Rosie’s The Cake Studio outdid herself! If you live in Sweden (it doesn’t matter if you’re up in the far north – that is no excuse not to travel down to Lund) you HAVE TO taste her cakes at least once in your lifetime. She makes gluten and lactose free cakes and they’re insanely rich, velvety smooth, deliciously moist and just out of this world yummy! We had the salted caramel and chocolate cake and there wasn’t one guest that did not swoon over it!

(And whilst I am at it – let me also tell you Sara has Cake Decorating Classes and I am DYING to attend one one day soon… So anyone wanting to have a fab day – hit me up and we’ll book it in!)

Switching our focus back to the Wedding Day the time had then come for me to arrive. Without having seen the island in its full dress and with dark and heavy clouds hanging above my head I rolled up my dress in my knee and sat down as Kennert took me across a stormy lake. I was once again filled with some nerves (but this time mainly as I had never practised getting out of the boat in the gown and also did not want to have to cancel the ceremony mid-through to take shelter due to a storm) and as we floated in to land I could feel the tears of happiness building up.

Richard greeted me with a beaming smile and I made it out of the boat and onto shore without falling (phew!). We then walked through the island and onto the jetty where the ceremony would be held.

As you can see the weather was unsteady but as I held Richards hand I truly couldn’t care less. We ended up getting both rain and shine during the ceremony and I actually can’t help but to think the below photo is one of the best from the entire day:

The ceremony was led by Lena, who did an incredible job at keeping it equal parts light and loving as sincere and serious. We had Wilma sing two songs we had asked and not a single eye was dry, Richards father said some beautiful words on marriage and relationships and we both read our own vows (for anyone curious, these too will feature in the video)

We then became Mr and Mrs and kissed!

Just as we said our vows and had our first kiss as a married couple the clouds separated and the sun shone through, strong and magical. The timing was divine and you almost had to be there to truly understand it.

We then went on to sign the book where all married couples gets to “seal the deal” and Sara and Max witnessed it all. Richard actually misunderstood it and typed his name on “his line” in the book and then went on to sign with his signature on “my line” – so you can kind of say he also married himself on this day… (You are viewing my reaction in the top left picture above). Luckily I could also squeeze my signature onto the same line – as husband and wife you share everything, right?

The ceremony was wrapped up with Alan blessing our marriage and we then went on to walk through a rain of sesame seeds…

We celebrated with macarons and the same brand Prosecco we had on our engagement night, imported straight from Italy.

We also ventured out into the woods for a quick couple of photos of our families. We both feel so happy that our closest family could make it. Lee and Alan travelled all the way from Australia to be here – THANK YOU!!! With such short notice and on the opposite side of the world it was definitely not a given – so again, THANK YOU – We love you.

Before slipping out of the dress and into my second outfit (Yep, I had to have a change…) We got a couple of more shots. Goodness, I love this dress! If I could wear it every day I think I would!

Out of the dress and into the jumpsuit we then stepped into the whimsical forrest were we had built our own tables and benches out of fallen trees. (That is right, in our six weeks we custom-built a dining area because Why Not?!) I had this idea that I wanted to sit under the open sky at a triangular table so that all guests could interact with each other. We managed to make the most magical scene if you ask me – but sadly the rain came back out as we were devouring the entrée and so we ended up moving inside for the main course.

Below photos doesn’t really do the dining area justice – I urge you to hang out for the video…

So we moved into the main cabin on the island were we had our main meals and enjoyed some heartfelt speeches. Now let me tell you: the love we were sprinkled with and surrounded by on our Wedding Day was so, so beautifully intense. It was a small function – all in all we were 18 of us – but with some of my oldest and dearest friends, our beloved families and the people we care the most for present it was almost all we could ask for (I say almost as we were of course still missing some of our fave people…)

You really couldn’t guess we had any rain when you see these pictures – the sun kept turning it on and off and then on again for us… Luckily it decided to put on the best sunset show and we could move back outside for cake and our first dance.

In the above pictures I am wearing a jacket by Yvette Hass, which happens to also be the same jacket I wore when Nathalie photographed Richard and I on our first visit to Sweden together. It all felt very much meant to be. And Nathalie, let me sneak in another little THANKS to you – you were there from the start when all the ideas started to form in my head, you’ve been my number one supporter through it and have helped in ways I could never ask of a photographer, make up artist or even friend! You are great! (Richard, mum and Kennert – you all too deserve a mention when it comes to supporting my ideas and letting me run the line! I adore you all and am so grateful for you and all the hard work you put in!)


For our first dance we chose ‘Baby Mine’ by Arcade Fire (and yes, that is the same “Baby Mine” that you hear in the Dumbo Movie) – it started out a joke but ended up the song we chose and now I love it. Swaying side to side with the sun setting in the back and our gorgeous guests surrounding us with sparklers – I couldn’t have ever imagined my first dance being so perfect!

Wrapping up are some final photos of eating cake. When the sun had set and the darkness was falling the guests started making it back to the mainland and that, my friends, was the end of our wonderful, wonderful Wedding Day.

Many thanks for making it through this monster of a blog-post, humungous THANKS to all of our friends and family that came and made our day so special and once again – thank you ‘I Do Crew’ for all your talent and hard work in helping put together our Dream Wedding!

Coming up next will be the video of our wedding and then I may just go back and hide under a rock again – unless you all manage to convince me that the world needs more of my blabbing and ranting on here because maybe, just maybe I might jump back on the blogging bandwagon again for you then…

With all my love,

Mrs Hanna


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  1. Kim Young
    19 September, 2019 at 03:01 · Reply

    What an amazing account. You really are incredibly talented with words Hanna. I felt almost as if I was there – your descriptions were so vivid. Congratulations to you both.i hope the rest of your life together is as full of fun and may there be many more special days- maybe not in quite the same way tho!! Lots of love also to you both.

    • hannaberkesi
      19 September, 2019 at 03:41 · Reply

      Thank you so, so much Kim! The written word has such power I just felt I had to put it all on “paper” whilst it was still fresh in my mind. Sending so much love back to you xxxx

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