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Week 42 / 2018

Hi friends! Writing out the title of this post made me gasp… week 42 – that means we’re only 10 weeks away from New Years and the end of 2018! How on earth did that happen??? Raise your hand if you’re too getting old (…I mean, that is the only explanation I can think of…

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Week 41 / 2018

Holy Friday, you guys! What just happened??? Where did the week go!? For once I had all my photos imported and ready to go on the phone to make sure my weekly post was up and live on Monday… but then… life happened! You see, We’re in the midst of looking for work in Stockholm…

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Week 40 / 2018

Gooooood Mooooorrrrrrrning Monday!!! It’s a new week and the sun is (not) shining (…as a matter of fact it looks like a storm is roaring outside my window and the layer of clouds in the sky is THICK – but if you’re reading this from down under then maybe the sun is shining on you…)…

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Week 39 / 2018

Happy Humpday, everybody! Wednesday already, where on earth did last week go? I blinked and now it’s October… Help! It’s been a short but long week… How so?, you wonder. Well, we’re still in limbo trying to make up our minds and settle down somewhere. And it’s not easy… Having options really doesn’t make life…

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