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Week 16 / 2018

Guess what? I’m back! And I didn’t forget you… well, actually, I did – but luckily I remembered, so here we go; one day late! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful past 7 days, I hear spring has sprung in Sweden and it warms my heart seeing photos and videos from sunny days spent…

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Week 15/2018

G’day G’day you wonderful mates! Another week has passed (…well – not just any week…) and we’ve reached Monday again. I hope you’ve all had a beautiful past 7 days, I know I have! As I’m expecting this post to be a tad longer than usual, let me get right into it! As the above…

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Week 14/2018

Hey, hey, hey!!! What a week it has been – work 6 days out of 7, yoga 6 days out of 7 and between work and yoga the days have just gone by… I figured I’d start this weeks post by sharing some beautiful puppy pics, because who doesn’t love puppies? And yes, of course…

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Week 13/2018

Good evening world and Hello April! How’s everyone feeling? Bright and yellow after a happy Easter? Loaded to the brim with chocolate? Nice and relaxed after a few days off? Noosa has finally decided to show itself from its gorgeous, sunny side again and in the last week I managed to squeeze a whole 3…

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