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Week 12/2018

Monday again! How fast is this year going? I cannot believe we’re already into the last week of March… that means one third – ONE THIRD – of the year has passed! Hello?!! Wasn’t it New Year’s Eve like last week?… In the past seven days I’ve been feeling pretty down and low, to be…

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Week 11/2018

Hi friends! It’s Monday, another week has gone and I’m back from Sydney and ready to give you a little update. Last week started with a couple of work days. I then got to enjoy one day at home before heading down to the big smoke. During this one day off I had arranged for…

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Week 10/2018

Good evening Monday (…nearly Tuesday, and I’ll be honest with you – I was this close to forgetting to update in here today… BUT – I didn’t! Hooray!) Hoping that you’re all well and happy, that March is turning out to be an amazing month and that you’re getting some beautiful sunshine. My past week…

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Week 9/2018

It’s March, you guys!!! Can you believe it?? 1/6 of the year done, summer is officially over in Australia (all though one would definitely not think so with the heat and humidity we’re still experiencing…) and time just seems to be flying in record speed. I hope you all had a wonderful last 7 days,…

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