Week 9/2018

It’s March, you guys!!! Can you believe it?? 1/6 of the year done, summer is officially over in Australia (all though one would definitely not think so with the heat and humidity we’re still experiencing…) and time just seems to be flying in record speed.

I hope you all had a wonderful last 7 days, that if you’re in Sweden you’re staying warm and in good health and if you’re down under you’re keeping cool and hydrated!

I started last week back at Aloha Yoga Studios for my very first class back after injuring my back (8 weeks away felt like an eternity). Whilst I was pumped to be back I must admit I was worried going back. I took it beyond slow and came out of class with a grin on my face, and a slightly heightened sensation of pain.

Unfortunately pain has been a big player this week and I’ve spent endless of hours on my Shakti mat and rolling on massage balls. I also saw my physio, but not to worry – he told me to keep up my yoga/Pilates practice and just listen to what my body allows and does not.

Alrighty, enough talk about my poor, old, back. I’m sure that’s not why you decided to pay my blog a visit this week!

Instead, let me melt your hearts with some new pictures of puppy Millie, whom I babysat (puppysat?) last week:

It’s funny how a little furry creature can melt your heart and steal your attention. I could play and cuddle this little baby animal for hours! It’s a pitty Zoe only had one puppy, I would’ve loved to see Millie play with some siblings but luckily Richards parents breed Frenchies and hopefully the next litter will be bigger!

Other than puppy cuddles this week included some road tripping down to Brisbane. Richard and I spent a few hours at a deserted DFO and then made our way into the city for some further shopping and gnocchi before it was time to head home.

Now, I brought my camera thinking I’d be a good girl and provide some content for this post, but do you think I remembered to use it? Nah, sorry! I was too busy looking for bargains and having a good old time with my favorite man!

I also failed to capture the sunset BBQ we had the following day, as well as our little social outing down the river for Brett’s birthday. Some blogger I am, right? I do however have a new bunch of sunflower photos to share with you, so I hope you won’t mind some more of that golden magic:

I’m so in love with these photos and wish I had a backyard filled with sunflowers just like that field. Maybe one day…

Now Richards waiting for us to watch another episode of Longmire, our latest Netflix obsession.

I wish you all a great rest of your day and look forward to checking in (hopefully with more photos from the actual week gone) in the next seven days.

Until then! X, Hanna

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