Week 6/2018

Good evening world!

Did you think I forgot about you this week?… I didn’t, I promise!

I hope you all had a wonderful last week and that you’re enjoying yourselves, wherever you are.

Jumping straight into my past seven days, I’ve unfortunately noticed my back playing up a bit again. Luckily I’ve got a physio appointment scheduled for tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to turn it around before it worsens. (I was really hoping I’d be able to go back to yoga and Pilates this week, but as it is now I just don’t know, sigh!)

Between a bad back, a spell of migraine midweek and work I really haven’t done much worth noting. I did however manage to catch a stunning sunset whilst Richard went for a surf. I love finishing my days off on a cliff at the waters edge, watching the surfers float by and the holiday-makers go on about their days. I’m lucky to have that opportunity on a daily basis right at my doorstep!

I’m also extremely lucky to be able to spend my days off in the national park, swimming in clear blue water and soaking up some vitamin D and Sea – which is exactly what we did Saturday.

After a few hours of relaxation we got hungry and made our way to Bombetta for some afternoon snacks – pizza and antipasto, what else could you ask for?

I spent my Sunday under the air conditioner at work and rounded the week up with some (…okay, we had 28 pieces, we were clearly hungry…) sushi and a movie in bed. We watched Geostorm, which was okay for a Sunday night but not a movie that will end up on my top 10 for the year.

Whilst I’m impressed to be keeping my blogging up thus far, I’ll have to apologize for this weeks post (which I feel was fairly boring). I’ll try again next week – hopefully I’ll deliver a post sprinkled with some Valentines love and a few other exciting stories and snaps. Thanks for continuing to check in and reading my weekly little updates. Have yourselves a fabulous week, and Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow!

X, Hanna

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