Week 35 / 2018

Good evening world, Coming to you straight from the sky (we’re currently mid-air between Barcelona and Nice) is a steamy hot update of the week just gone.

First things first, The biggest and warmest THANK YOU to each and every single one of you for all your gorgeous wishes well and love after our beautiful news. We feel spoilt with love and I’m still soaring high (even when I’m not flying, haha!)

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful past seven days. If you’re in Sweden chances are your holidays have come to an end and I hope your first week back at work has been magnificent! If you’re in Australia – happy spring! You’ve got all the beautiful sun and warm weather to look forward to, yay!

As mentioned in last weeks post we made it to the pizza capital – Napoli – where we were joined by my bestie Carin and her partner.

I must admit, Naples definitely didn’t swoop me of my feet – upon our arrival we both had our hearts in our throats as we navigated through narrow (!!!!!) one way streets, trying to avoid getting scratched and look like all the rest of the vehicles around, only to get to the hotel and realize they didn’t have onsite parking. Even after getting the car moved and parked (thank you valet parking) the location of our accommodation proved dodgy and it’s safe to say I wasn’t feeling it…

Narrow streets (these were walking ones but the driving ones were not much bigger and had cars parked both sides as well) of Naples.

As a matter of fact; truth be told I’ve kind of felt a little bit over traveling this past week. (I know!!! I should NOT be saying this!!!!) However, I think we’ve both just felt a little overwhelmed and exhausted from all the places we’ve seen and experiences we’ve crammed in. You know how it’s pretty nice to have a normal routine? A bed to come home to, a wardrobe with all your clothes and a fridge full of your food? We’ve missed all of that a little this week.

That being said, we did also have some of the most incredible pizza ever had in Naples. And… Carin and Marcus were there with us! So really, who are we to complain? 🙂

Pizza for days!!!

Other than stuffing our faces full of pizza we walked (surprise!) and explored Vesuvius volcano from afar.

Talking about walking by the way – my bloody feet are still blistering!!! It’s like I churn through blister bandaids and as soon as my feet seem to come good I take off the bandaids and develop new blisters. Constant pain whilst walking is standard for me! And we walk a lot!!! Funniest thing about it though; even my social media must have realized I have issues as I keep getting ads for Compeed – scary! Feet-talk over for this week, I promise! And I will spare you the images…

Back to our travels – the next stop was the Amalfi Coast and once again we were joined by Carin and Marcus.

We had hired this little Air Bnb (with a kitchen AND a laundry – hallelujah!) perched up on one of the many cliff sides and requiring a crazy amount of steps to get to and from.

The first thing we did upon arriving was a stop at the supermarket. After that we went straight home to dish up a massive feast of goodies.

The next few days were followed by so much cheeses and meats and pasta dishes I think I may have eaten enough for the whole month of September just in a few days!

To explore our home for the next few days we decided to walk into Amalfi. It took us nearly 1,5 hours of walking down stairs and it is safe to say we all had shaking legs at the bottom of the hill (and sore calf’s and knees the next day!)

Once down in Amalfi township we tried out the beach, wandered the streets and ate the most mouthwatering genuine Italian pasta dishes! (By far the best food we’ve had from a restaurant thus far into our trip)

The next day came and with it a desire to walk as LITTLE as possible (hello sore legs!) the idea was to make our way down to the local beach club in front of the house (an odd 600 meters downhill, but one would have thought there would be an easy walkway, right?)

TWICE my friends did we have to turn back due to paths ending and fallen stairs that disappeared into nothingness (!!!) I hate to admit to it but I threw a tantrum the size of a five year old rolling on the floor as she is not getting what she wants in the supermarket… poor Richard, what has he gotten himself into marrying me?

Map reader Richard looking down on our proposed destination, unsure of how to get there.

We finally made it and spent the rest of the day soaking up the sun, bumping around on the waves in the water and enjoying not moving at all!

On the way home we decided to walk back via the supermarket and the best thing happened! As we were asking what turned out to be the owner of the shop the fastest route home I showed him on the map where we needed to go. Poor man must have thought I was either stalking him or joking as it turned out the area on the map that I was showing him also was the exact location of his house (…and still a big walk away…)

The gorgeous shop owner must have felt sorry for us and got his dad to drive us home. Italian generosity and kindness at its best! Thank you!!!!

For our last day on the Amalfi Coast we decided to take to the water. We caught a boat to a beach club which could only be reached from sea and spent the day jumping from cliffs, swimming into caves and playing with the drone (first time using it since we left Sweden – such a good and useful purchase, right?…)

Before returning back to the house I performed my duties as a Swedish citizen and posted of my vote for the elections. Swedes! Be sure to vote on Sunday, we owe it to our gorgeous country!

We also had some gelato…

Hazelnut and chocolate for me and espresso for Richard – you couldn’t fault it!!!

Before driving back to Naples in the morning Richard captured the below image of the sun slowly rising:

We made it back to Naples airport where we waved good bye to Carin and Marcus and returned our Fiat 500X. It was bittersweet (it was a great complimentary upgrade compared to what we had originally ordered and has been amazing to drive and ride in) and a massive relief all at once – who would’ve thought having a rental car would cause so much grief? (The constant worry of someone slamming into your door, a stone hitting the window or someone backing into you takes quite the toll on one’s emotional well-being… haha)

After leaving the vehicle and our travel companions we flew to Barcelona. We stayed at Novotel Barcelona city and it was by far the best place we’ve stayed thus far… I mean, how many places offer rooftop yoga for starters?

Mum you were missed, but Richard did a brilliant job stepping up to try and fill your shoes… maybe we can get him to join us in Sweden too?

After yoga we explored! And by explore I mean walking to churches and buildings. Same old, same old, right!? Mind you Gaudi definitely created some buildings unlike the ones we’ve seen in Italy. It’s like fun parks and churches married and his work is their lovechild. So playful and colorful!

For the sunset we made our way to Park GĂŒell, which we paid to enter (usually we stick to the unpaid options of staying outside the venues we see – if you were to go in everywhere it would cost a fortune!!!)

As I was wearing my Camilla jumpsuit (gifted to me by Richard for our anniversary 2 years ago) I felt like a mannequin of Gaudis work; I think if I sat still enough someone might have even mistaken me for being part of the interior, what do you think?!

Think it’s safe to say we got 17€ worth of photos out of our tickets though… and this view of Barcelona at sunset is pretty priceless!

We finished our Sunday with some Thai food back near the hotel. One would’ve thought we’d come to Barcelona to eat tapas and drink sangria… well, we had KFC and ate at the same Thai place every day for the 3 days we spent in the city…. we we’re craving Thai, alright?

Wrapping up this weeks post with some drone footage from the Amalfi Coast. Let’s see if I manage to get the little Spark out for some more playtime in the two weeks of France that we’ve got ahead of us!

Wishing you all a great week ahead.

Au Revoir, as we say in France!

With Love, H

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