Week 34 / 2018

What a magical magical week we have had! Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Tuscany, Rome …AND WE’RE ENGAGED!!!!

Yes, that’s right!!! We’re engaged! We’re engaged, we’re engaged, we’re engaged!!!

I guess it’s needless to say, this will be one week I’ll remember forever! But let me take you back to Sunday week ago, when it all started:

We’d checked out of our hotel in Como in the morning and arrived in Venice around lunch time. Without wasting any time (as we only had one night staying) we went straight for the maze of canals, bridges and no-through roads that the Italians call Venezia.

Whilst enjoying gelato and admiring the views we got lost and walked a good 21,562 steps (12.9 kilometers). It looked a little something like this:

During the day we were approached by several gondoliers asking if we wanted to take a ride, but being a scorching hot day we didn’t quite feel it would be enjoyable. However, we knew the prices would go up come 7 pm and somewhere around 6 pm we realized ‘now might just be the perfect time‘ Well, my friends, let me tell you this: we were not the only ones who thought this!

The struggle to get a gondola was REAL (!) but Richard led the way and managed to get us one at 6.50 pm (he later told me we had walked past the very same gondolier earlier in the day and he had secretly dropped a pin on his Google Maps as he thought this man would be the suitable navigator for our boat ride…)

So we got on the boat right before 7 pm and I was overwhelmed by the view from the waterways, taking it all in all whilst posing for the camera:

Little did I know when I snapped these photos of Richard that he was about to drop down on one (well, I think it may have been both for part of it, after all we were on a wiggly boat...) knee:

The last photo is literally taken the second before he pulled out the most gorgeous diamond ring from his pocket… do you think the gondolier realized what was going on??? I know I didn’t!

I was in shock! Absolutely so so so surprised. Out of his pocket comes this incredible ring (…attached to a cabin hook so that he wasn’t going to loose it earlier in the day – he is true to style, my fiancé!) and he is asking me – YES ME!!!! – if I will do him the honor and be his wife.


I think he may have had to ask both once and twice, as I was so surprised and took a while to realize what was going on. But the answer was of course the biggest, loudest, and most sincere YES there has ever been.

We kissed (and I smeared my red lipstick all over his little face) and we put the ring on my finger. Best. Moment. Of. My. Life!!!

Cheesy grins and lipstick all over the place! Just the way it should be.

We got off the gondola and went to sit down by the Grand Canal where we celebrated with Bellinis and Lindt Chocolate.

We then enjoyed our first sunset as an engaged couple whilst standing on the Rialto Bridge before having a beautiful meal at one of the waterfront restaurants below.

Let’s all just take a moment and enjoy this sparkly ring of amazingness designed by my fiancé himself! He did well. So so so well!

Waking up the next morning I still hadn’t fully realized what happened the day before (I think I may still be up on cloud nine to date, looking down on my hand and then onto my man just feels surreal and wonderful, all at once!) however we checked out and drove to Florence, where we’d spend the next few nights.

Well in Florence we had made plans for a couple of road trips. The first one involving a stop at a very famous leaning tower…

It was hot and crowded, but we gave the iconic photos our best try:

Hopping back into the car we drove for Cinque Terre. Now this may very well be both of ours favorite stop so far. This place is INSANE!!!

A workout beyond imagination (steps upon steps upon steps upon steps – you get it) but the views. Wow! The views!

We hopped from township to township, climbed staircases to get to the best outlooks and went for swims when we needed a cool down.

Stopped to catch our breaths and take in the views (and drink water!) – don’t ever go to Cinque Terre without a bunch of water.

To move between the townships we used the railway and on the train we found the funniest sign we’ve seen in Italy thus far:

For the sunset we found ourselves doing one last big hike to get to a stunning view point. It was sweaty and sticky and tough, but so so so worth it!

There may or may not be a couple of ‘hands in front of blurry background’ snaps over the next few weeks – Sorry, not sorry! 🙂

The next day arrived and we decided to explore Florence. As we walked into the city the sky turned black and we could hear thunder in a near distance. So we escaped into the wonderful world of food called ‘Mercato Centrale’:

As we thought the rain was clearing we made our way to the beautiful Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (my new favorite Italian building!)

…unfortunately we’d misread the weather and we got rained on!

So much so we ended up taking cover in H&M where I had to buy a scarf to stay warm and dry.

Unfortunately most restaurants and local shops where shut and as the weather didn’t seem to be turning for the better anytime soon we decided to head back to the hotel instead.

Next up was a road trip to the stunning Tuscan Country side. After our experience on the teeny tiny Como roads we were a bit nervous getting on the little local roads again but turns out the Tuscan traffic conditions are a lot better!

We stopped at a Castle for lunch, picked grapes from a field and visited a winery.

According to my Instagram you would’ve read that I’m not a fan of a glass of red, but that I do enjoy a cheeky grape here and there… well, don’t always believe what you read on social media:

These grapes were SOUR!!!! (But I’m sure they make a mean glass of Chianti Classico)

Our last stop on our Tuscan road trip was to the cutest little village I’ve ever seen. It belongs to the family who’s wine estate (Mazzei) Richard adores.

Now, how is this for serendipity: As we walked into the local bottle shop to look at their wines we stumbled upon a label that reminded us of the one which was found on the bottle of Prosecco we had shared at the restaurant after our engagement (and which we had since then looked out for in bottle shops)

– Turns out it was the very same bubbles. And the reason they were selling it at this place is because the Mazzei family member that currently runs the vineyard (which has been passed down for 25 generations) is married to the family member that runs the vineyard that ‘our’ engagement prosecco comes from! Small world, right!?

I would totally consider taking my hat and my dungarees (and fiancée) and move to this little village. I could drink prosecco all day long and he could enjoy his red wines whilst spending time in this picture perfect environment!

After our days in Florence we took to the motorway and found ourselves arriving in Rome. Now, this of course didn’t come as that much of a surprise; after all we do know all roads lead to Rome so we were bound to get there sooner or later…

We walked around the Colosseum and Roman Forum and this picture describes how our feet were feeling:

The next day we rose with the sun and made our way to the magnificent Fontana di Trevi where we tossed coins and watched the world go by.

When we needed a change of scenery we went to the Vatican. We were hoping the Pope would’ve been home to share some fika but found out he had flown out to Ireland the day before… typical!

So we moved on and walked and walked until we found the Spanish steps (which we only half-climbed… Cinque Terre got the best of us and we were still recovering!)

To wrap up the big day of walking and exploring we made it back to Colosseum where we watched the sun go down.

We then walked home, had the biggest sleep, packed our bags and left for Naples (where you’ll currently find us eating pizza and catching up with Carin and Marcus who joined in on our adventures today) – but that’s all for next weeks post!

Now: A big, fat THANK YOU (!!!) for making it to the end of my update – well done, you all deserve a gold star!

I hope you are all having a wonderful time wherever in the world you may be and I send you lots of happy vibes from Italy!

As always, With Love!


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  1. Carin
    28 August, 2018 at 06:30 · Reply

    Best blogpost ever ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Dom
    28 August, 2018 at 11:13 · Reply

    Congratulations Guys xxx

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