Week 33 / 2018

Buona sera da Italia! (Good evening from Italy)

It’s Monday evening and I’m laying in a hotel bed in a room in Florence, Richard is snoozing quietly next to me and the TV is showing the same news stories from CNN for the billionth time this week (…I never realized how much they show the same stories again and again and again, but I guess I never usually watch CNN either)

We have had the most incredible start to our holidays and trying to fit it all into a weekly update will be ONE BIG CHALLENGE. There’s been a minimum of 80 amazing photos captured on my memory card every single day and we’ve experienced so many beautiful places it’s hard to even know where to start.

But let’s go back to the start of it all, namely Tuesday last week. The idea was to start our trip with an early morning train to Copenhagen on the Wednesday but we realized with the signature train delays that seems to be more common than not we were better off checking into a hotel in Malmö (southern part of Sweden and one stop away from Copenhagen airport) the night before. Said and done, mum dropped us at the train station and our journey begun.

Wednesday morning started bright and early and we made it across the boarder to Denmark. I sported an outfit that matched my beautiful passport holder and felt very posh as we boarded our Ryan Air flight to Milan…

Arriving to the city in the afternoon we were greeted by a wall of heat and made it straight to the room to get changed before hitting the streets.

We walked and walked and walked and explored every corner of the city whilst developing new blisters (Pre-Warning! There is a picture coming up displaying my terrible blisters further down… if you dislike feet be ready to scroll fast!!!) The day closed at 12,4 kms and we wrapped it up enjoying some cheese and meats back at the hotel.

Okay, are you ready?…

Lets just say my feet did not love me…

The next day we rose with the sun to enjoy a much less crowded Duomo di Milan. It was us and the doves (and a couple of other crazy people looking to snap the perfect picture)

Totally worth the 5.30 AM wake up call, this building is so insanely magnificent!

We went back to the hotel for some breakfast and found ourselves back exploring Milan again short thereafter.

With a total of 20.4 km we really felt deserving when we finally sat down in the park of Sforzesco Castle for a picnic whilst watching the sun set.

I went to bed with a big smile on my face after receiving below picture from Sara and Valentina:

Sweetest girls I ever did know!

Along came Friday and we checked out of our Milan accommodation, collected our hire car (received a much welcomed complimentary upgrade – yay!) and drove towards Lake Como.

Upon studying the map we realized we were ridiculously close to Switzerland and decided to do a little de-tour. We soon found ourselves immersed in a scenery which looked just like the hills from The Sound of Music.

Gorgeous, gorgeous scenery – I keep pinching myself in the arm, it’s hard to realize we are really here.

Next up we ticked off another massive Bucket List goal in visiting Lake Como and its many gorgeous little townships.

Driving the coastal way was a nightmare to say the least (narrow, winding roads where you could only really fit one car and couldn’t even see the oncoming traffic for most of it) – luckily Richard is a brilliant driver.

We made it to Bellagio and scored big when we realized we’d found the locals spot for swimming and sun baking.

The daredevil himself went jumping off the boat docks – crazy coconut he is!

We (Richard) had cappuccinos in Bellagio and admired the Duomo in Como.

Upon returning back to the hotel we opted for the mountain road which proved successful – the road was noticeably wider and offered some incredible viewpoints to stop at. Just see for yourselves:

Lake Como was beyond beautiful and I would recommend any and everybody getting a chance to visit to take it! (Just remember: take the road over the mountains instead of the coastal way, I promise you it will save you some heart raising scary moments!!!)

On the Sunday we went to Venice, we got lost amongst the maze of streets and bridges, took a gondola ride and drank Bellinis by the Rialto bridge and Grande Canal. But you know what? I’m saving that for next weeks post! 🙂

Be sure to check back again then as there will be pics from the romantic city of Venice as well as stories and snaps from our upcoming stops (we’re about to explore Florence, Tuscany, Pisa, Cinque Terre and Rome)

To wrap this up, let me take a second to say Thank You! Thank you life for giving us this opportunity to explore so many beautiful places together. I feel beyond blessed and am so grateful. My heart is full and I know these are days I will cherish forever and look back and remember with a big smile.

With love, so much love!


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