Week 32 / 2018

We are a month into our adventures, where did those four weeks go?!! One more sleep and we’re off to explore the south of Europe – dream come true right there, I can’t wait!

Hi friends!

I hope you’ve all had a fab past 7 days, we sure have! All though the weather has been slightly cooler and the sun went away for a day or two we managed to visit one new (well, new for Richard) capital city (Copenhagen), experience a new sport live (ice-hockey) and go lobster fishing. What a week of first experiences!

But first things first, I started my week with another big walk/talk/photo session with bestie Carin. Ready for some more jumping pics? (I know you love them!)

In the evening Max took us out to Vida Arena to watch his beloved Växjö Lakers step on the ice for the first time this season. It was a first for Richard watching ice hockey live and a great time had by all. (Next time we’ll have to get on the ice ourselves too!)

The following day we had some lunch at the island before I took my little rowing boat back to mainland…

Back in town we prepared food and dessert (cheesecake, what else?!) for mums book club. Needless to say it was much appreciated – we even got a new order for another 2 cakes which mum is now bringing to school this week. Could be a new business venture coming to fruition right there!

Whilst mum entertained her book club, Max entertained us. Guess how? Well, with some more ice hockey of course!

I promise I’m wearing a dress under the shirt, you just can’t see it!

The next day the kitchen was in full use again, this time we were the spectators as the poor brown lobsters turned red whilst boiling to a slow death (…it’s just as sad as it sounds, but they taste delicious!)

Mid-week we decided we had had enough of the city and went down to my dads summer house again. It’s located in the most beautiful little community and after a few hours on the beach we watched the sunset over the harbour.

The next day we drove across the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden and landed in Copenhagen. We had Smørrebrod, watched the colorful houses of Nyhavn and I may or may not have come home a new Michael Kors bag richer (Thank you, daddy!!!)

When it was time to go back home again we took the convertible and drove with the top down until it started pouring down. Sports cars are great, but man they make you want to speed!!!

After having both eaten and cooked lobsters we realized it was time to come full circle (all though in reversed order) and catch some. We went out on mums partners lake and got to help pull up the cages.

We wrapped up the Sunday afternoon with another lovely lobster meal before heading downtown to enjoy the local production of RENT The musical, which was absolutely amazingly performed!

As previously mentioned, we’re now one sleep away from our European holiday (which we have had to start a day early by going down to the south of Sweden tomorrow night to ensure we won’t miss our flight the next morning). This has lead to today being a BUSY BUSY day.

Knowing me, you might have thought I would have had it all under control by now but it seems I’ve slipped into holiday mode majorly so it’s now past midnight and I’m still going at it. I’m currently waiting for Richards sister to assist in calling my Australian bank for me whilst keeping me on speaker on another line (oh the joys of expensive overseas rates… but hooray for helpful family!)

I’ll add one final photo to this weeks post, namely the below one of me and my gorgeous friend Michaela who announced last minute she was coming down today for some work meetings. I was lucky enough to get to catch her for a few hours and can’t wait to spend much more time together later this fall.

Alright, Australia is calling! Time to wrap this up and hopefully get some beauty sleep soon too… I will endeavor to post again next week, if I’m not too busy living la vida loca in Italy and Spain!

With love,


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