Week 30 / 2018

My, oh my am I enjoying myself, you guys!!!

Swedish summer is hands down THE BEST thing there is. Like literally, in the whole, entire, wide world! …and when I say swedish summer I (of course) talk of the extreme rare occurrence of warm (30+ degrees) days on end with long, light evenings spent next to good friends and family – you see, usually Sweden will give us a full 3 days of somewhat okay weather in the 8-10 weeks we like to call summer, however this year (for the first time in 200 years, no joke!!!) we’ve got the PEEEEERFECT swedish summer. I’m in heaven!

The past seven days have therefor been spent as close to the water as possible, all whilst catching up with loved ones.

We kicked the week off with a visit from the best friend a girl could ever ask for and her awesome partner:

After some long, big hugs and some breakfast we made our way downtown on a trip down memory lane – starting with a visit to the place where our friendship begun, our high school.

Richard shook his head and shoulders at our little amateur Photoshoot outside the doors to the school, but what can we say? We’re kids of the instagram era and moments like these needs to be captured! ??‍♀️

Marcus happily slept his way through our giggles and poses and didn’t notice the car taking off for the next stop – the castle where we both enjoyed our graduation proms.

Fun fact: I actually drove Carin to hers, she was in the year above me and I made sure I got my drivers license on the exact day of the prom so I could take her (I had decided I HAD to have my license so I could drive her, and my poor mom had to take me to a neighboring town 1 hour away as there was no appointments available to sit the test in our hometown – luckily I passed the test)

After waving Carin and Marcus goodbye we drove out to my mothers partners little summer cottage. It is located on its own private island and the serenity that exists here (we’re here again as I’m writing this post) is ah-mazing!

We had dinner, played dart and went fishing. As the sun slowly went down (at around 10 pm) we saluted the sun with some grounding and synchronized tree poses.

I kick started the next day with a migraine from hell and was completely wiped out from 6 am until 3 pm – oh, the joys of pounding headaches!

When I finally started to perk up and could get Richard to separate from his Nintendo Switch we went back to the island for some more relaxation.

I also went for my first Swedish swim and would love to take this opportunity to point out I swam before Richard did!!! #winning!

Along came hump day and with it a road trip to the coast for some time in my fathers summer home.

We swam in the sea, biked to a little township for some shopping (Richard did not buy the below green suit jacket but is definitely venturing out in his fashion and style since arriving in Sweden) and enjoyed the stillness of the archipelago.

Furthermore we played with my little drone and had not one but two mishaps. You see, this little lady thought she’d done her research when she sent her Spark off for a flight to capture a dronie (an autopiloted selfie that zooms out from you). The idea was that the obstacle censors would kick in and stop a potential crash… the problem was the obstacle censors only works in a forward and downward direction, not backwards. As a result Poor Richard had to climb up 6 meters in a tree full of sticks and pricks to bring back the Spark, which luckily survived its adventure and still operates fine!

Hanna – Spark 0 – 1 (and lesson learned: never ever ever operate your drone by simply looking at the mobile screen, ALWAYS keep an eye on the drone itself)

At least the video looked great, crash and all:

Five minutes later I took it up for another drive only to freak out and worry that it was going to drop to the ground. I had read somewhere that you could grab the drone by it’s body and tilt it in order to kill the engines but upon doing so my finger got stuck in the propellers and was sliced.

Hanna – Spark 1-1 (and note to self: this toy is dangerous!!!!)

After Richard helped bandaging my war injury we left the coast for a road trip down to the south of Sweden where we visited my Mormor and uncle, aunt and cousin.

We got to see Mormor’s new apartment (which we photographed from across the canal) and Richard got a new textbook. (Mom may or may not have made it her mission teaching Richard Swedish…)

Next stop for our road trip was Sommarbyn Tornet and Sara and Valentina. For the first time in her 1,5 years of life I got to meet this little ray of sunshine and it was not a day too soon… she filled mine and Richards hearts in no time and we were both secretly planning an abduction (sorry Sara and Karim, but she’s a little bit too precious to not try and steal!)

Richard learnt some Swedish words and Valentina was taught how to pronounce and spell her name. It was absolutely wonderful just bonding and spending quality time! Thanks for having us!

On our way back to my hometown we made on last stop at Candy Airlines – a lolly shop shaped like an aircraft (I’ve got so so many childhood memories stopping here and fueling up on our sweets after visits to the grandparents)

To wrap up the week we found ourselves back on the island for some dart, hair-styling and fishing (this time the boys caught a seagull and Rickie Dundee had to come to the rescue and untangle the poor bird who was completely caught in fishing line). We also practiced our jumps and I would say Richard won best picture of the day with his spinning jump.

It is now quarter past four and I’ve spent the past 6 hours (with some breaks for food and quick dips) typing and posting. Next week I might just have to prepare better – it takes forever to update when you’ve seen and done so many things you want to write about! Hopefully it didn’t take you 6 hours to read through this post, but regardless of: congratulations for making it to the end!

Have a great week ahead and I’ll see you again next Monday.

With love,


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