Week 3/2018

Hi guys. Another week, done and dusted!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful past seven days. I have had another week with back problems but am THRILLED to tell you I am finally starting to feel a lot better (Insert: Angels singing ‘Hallelujah’ and doing a happy boogie)

During this past week I’ve had an endless number of doctors appointments, meetings with a Physiotherapist and lots of rest. I’ve continued spending the greater part of my days in the pool – so much so, I seriously think I’m becoming half-mermaid. It was another week off work (which has left me beyond frustrated and itchy – I want to fill my days with something meaningful, helping out, keeping active and making money) but in hindsight (now that I’m feeling better) I must say it has probably been worth it.

So, other than floating in a pool, how did I spend my week? Well, thank you for asking! I have advanced from Easy to Medium to Hard to EVIL (yep, you read that right) sudukos, listened to tales of crime and talks of inspiration and productivity on Apple Podcasts, played with my camera and turned into a mini-Martha Stuart.

I’ve been cooking up burger feasts, salads, pancakes and stir fries. Those of you knowing me from back in the day would be surprised at how my knowledge and experience have improved in the kitchen (but then again starting at frozen pizzas and blocks of chocolate for dinner I suppose it was bound to get better sooner or later…)

I also got baking and tried making my own take on this coconut/mud-cake style brownie we used to eat as kids (the flashbacks of having this treat came at me one day in the pool and were so strong I simply could not go past not trying to make one myself, it’s weird the things that pops up in your brain when you’ve floated around for a few hours…) Trying to substitute for some of the ingredients found in Swedish grocery shops but unavailable in the Australian market proved a bit tricky and I realize I’d be better off going to Sweden and request mum make me the original (because; let’s be honest, some things mums simply do best!)

For the tail end of the week (when I was finally getting better and super sick of staying home) Richard took me exploring. He had found this ‘desert-looking’ place that he thought I’d enjoy. What he didn’t remember is how much I dislike walking through mud and … there was a fair bit of that before getting to the spot. Anyways, we made it and we had a picnic, fish and hang out with the local bird life. Please refer to below photo for our new friend the duck and my mermaid-like tan (I honestly believe I’m 50 shades darker after two weeks in the pool…)

Wrapping up the week I spent a good couple of hours on the phone to my best friend in Sweden (why Carin, don’t we live closer to each other????) discussing all things shopaholic, ambitions, tulips, trips and life in-between. Fun fact: Carin and I speak (almost) daily, yet never ever ever run out of things to talk about and that my friends is (one of the many reasons) why she is my bestie! Multitasker as I am I took the below picture during our conversation (see white headset cord above left shoulder for a picture of my best friend, isn’t she a stunner? She actually really is though…)

This weeks big gratitude goes out to Scott at Alchemy in Motion, the physiotherapist helping me bounce back to normal. He is fantastic and I recommend anyone local to pay him a visit for any physio-needs!

I’m now looking forward to a week of going back to work and hopefully feeling even better. Have a wonderful next few days friends, and I’ll talk to you soon again!

Xx, Hanna

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  1. Carin
    27 January, 2018 at 11:48 · Reply

    Som jag älskar timmarna jag får prata med min bästis! Och wow, vilka matkunskaper! Love you

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