Week 28 / 2018

Coming to you from the city of the stroop waffle (Amsterdam) ..oh, and a few days later than expected, I blame all the flying I’ve been doing…

Hey friends!

We’ve officially left Koala Land and set foot in Europe! We’re currently resting our legs (never have I ever had feet and ankles as swollen as they are right now) and are waiting for mommy-dear to arrive. But, this is all for next weeks post – be sure to tune in then for swollen ankles, lost boots, snaps from Taiwan, Netherlands and Sweden and much more.

This post covers our last week down under and whilst I was busy doing a million things this list pretty much sums it up:

  • Shifts at work: 3
  • Visits to Bunnings: 9
  • Number of times our bags got re-packed: 43
  • Boxes packed away with our belongings: 11
  • Days spent at the beach: 0

It was a beautiful week with lots of sun and a fair bit of surf; sadly we were too busy cleaning and packing to take advantage of it…

I did however manage to catch up with this handsome bunch between the hours spent culling the wardrobe:

Gals, you’ll be missed! ♥️

I also managed a second date with Tiffany to sort out my brows and lashes (how great is tint? No make up needed ever!)

We moved out of our lovely place on Sunday and boy, what a day it was. Whilst we were both so well prepared and had covered as much as we could in advance it still ended up a long, long day.

Here’s what I’ve realized: moving across the sea is NOT EASY. I repeat: NOT easy. Moving and packing up is hard as it is; compressing down what you need into 30 kgs and properly storing the rest away is a little night mare.

And speaking of nightmares: the poor staff at McDonald’s thought they were having a bad day when their credit card processing system went down Sunday afternoon… then in walks us (sweaty, stinky and hungry after our big, long, day) and order food which we paid for in 5 cent coins (…it’s not our fault the didn’t accept card)

I had to take a selfie to capture the moment our lunch break at Maccas in pajama pants, Richards old shirt (both items of clothes which were later thrown out) and greasy hair:

Once packed up and moved out we officially began our holidays by checking into my old work.

We spent the Monday morning (which really should be part of the following post but I’ll squeeze it in here as I’m sure I’ll have enough to tell you for next week anyways) enjoying Noosa; lunching at Bistro C, having Happy Pops ice cream by the beach and visiting Richards grandparents before driving to the international airport and taking off.

It’s now 2.30 pm local time (0.30 am Australian time) and the struggle of staying awake after more than 48 hours intense travel is REAL! Let’s see how long we last tonight…

I hope you’re all well and will chat to you soon again.

With lots of love, H xx

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Responses (2)

  1. Lisa Alexiou
    19 July, 2018 at 01:28 · Reply

    So glad to read you and Richard have started your adventure. Until we meet in Sweden …

    Much love

    Lisa x

    • hannaberkesi
      20 July, 2018 at 04:21 · Reply

      Tack så mycket, beautiful Lisa! ♥️ we’re having the most incredible time in Amsterdam with my mom and tomorrow (Saturday) we leave for Sweden. I hope the first week at your new job has been lovely and that Sydney was incredible too.

      Lots of love, H

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