Week 27 / 2018

Noosa calling!

Hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend and feel fresh and rested for the week ahead. We’ve just woken up to spend our very last Monday in the apartment – Sunday this week we hand back the keys (and speaking from the heart, there is a huge part of me that wish it was not the case…) like, don’t get me wrong – I’m beyond excited for what lies ahead, but I’m such a massive homebody and I’m so totally and utterly in love with this apartment (which we waited a looooong loooong time for) that I can’t help but to feel a little heartbroken as we’re going through the last of things (well, for this time… you never ever know what life may bring…)

So, with a slightly sad feeling in my tummy I’m also tremendously happy to say we’re on the home run – 7 more nights down under and then Europe, we’re coming for you! It’ll be a huge week ahead of wrapping things up – I’ve got 3 more shifts at work, 1 more day of yoga practice left on my pass, a big, daunting wardrobe yet to be packed, lots of cleaning to be done and at least two more carloads of stuff to move. Let’s do this!!!

We’ve been really good at getting things out of the way as we go, so the past few weeks we’ve set ourselves up for what will hopefully be smooth sailing this week. Last week involved not one but two visits to Bunnings (our big, big hardware department store) to purchase hooks for surfboards (to go on the garage walls of Richards parents house).

It’s been a week of ‘treat-yo-self’s’ – ranging from ordering the drone (it literally arrived as I was writing this post and batteries are now charging, say whaaaat!!!!), having sushi at our favorite joint and KFC (Richards guilty pleasure) by the pool.

I’ve been attending as many classes as I could possibly squeeze in and got to flow on my new beautiful mat (I’m still contemplating if I may manage to squeeze it into my luggage)

Yesterday we went for a little errands-trip, I got a memory card for the drone and Richard a pair of headphones for the flight.

Wearing yellow and blue to support my birth country even though we didn’t make it through the world cup (I stayed awake til 10 minutes before the first goal, typical – everything was looking fine and then I doze off and we loose… won’t make that mistake again! Sorry Sweden!)

We also went down Hastings Street to give Richards hair and beard some love and he looks as handsome as ever after a big trim.

How good are barber shops where you can get pampered whilst watching soccer? It’s a match made in heaven for men, I’m sure!

We finished the day with some take away by the beach, oh Noosa how I’ll miss you when we’re away!

I’ve now got to get ready for my third last shift at work, tomorrow the dentist awaits and somewhere in between that I should probably make the big cull of what dresses and pants gets to come and what stays that I’ve been dreading. Wish me luck!

Have a beautiful Monday and appreciate every moment where you are. I know I’m going to try extra hard this week!

Xx, H

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