Week 26 / 2018

Hey friends,

It’s July and we’ve officially got two (pause for nervous, happy shriek!!!!) weeks left in Australia. Crazy, crazy, crazy!

The packing and planning is definitely ramping up and I live with my phone in hand (…well, I guess I always do but this time I’m spending most of my time in my Notes app…) working on the never-ending to do list.

Outside of spending hours rummaging through my wardrobes, wrapping decorations in newspaper and folding towels and linen this is what I got up to last week:

I started the week with a wonderful catch up with Channy. We indulged in hot chocolates and cake – yum, yum and YUM!

When the sun decided to come out and play Richard and I took a break from the todo’s and went surfing/sun-baking. Glorious, glorious winter wonderland!

I bought a new yoga mat (I know, my timing is impeccable considering I probably won’t be bringing it overseas) which I missed to photograph. Maybe next week! It’s absolutely stunning and I blame the end of financial year sales – how can you resist something you’ve been eyeing off like crazy when it’s all of a sudden on sale?!

And talking about spending money, I have almost convinced myself I need to (read want to) purchase a drone before leaving the land of Oz. I’ve always had a huge interest in photography and getting creative and it feels like a crime going overseas to all beautiful corners of the world and not giving myself the best opportunity to capture it all. Am I right? Do I have your consent to spend my hard-earned dollars on a flying camera? 🙂

Talking about being creative I’m working on this big, big document outlining all our travel plans and researching locations. One of my favorite parts of this document is the area with inspirational photos. The above are some of my pictures for Amsterdam, which is our second stop on the way to Sweden (we travel Brisbane – Taipei, Taiwan – Amsterdam – Sweden). It looks like a picture perfect city to me! And I cannot wait to try their famous stroop waffles.

If Amsterdam (or Taipei) is a destination you’ve been to, hit me up with your favorite tips and hotspots, please!

I’ll wrap up this weeks update with some more favorites from the Photoshoot with The York Hub and Rod Moore. I’m so looking forward to wearing these swimsuits on the beaches of St Tropez, Biarritz, San SebastiĂĄn and Postiano over the next few months… (I hope I won’t bore you too much leading up to our big adventure, lucky it’s not too far away!)

Wishing you all the most wonderful of weeks. And Happy Holidays to my wonderful friends and family back in Sweden that are starting their vacations now.

Lots of love, H

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