Week 25 / 2018

Hi Y’all!

Did you miss me? Two days later and I’m back! This is more blogging than I’ve done in years (but I suppose that’s what happens when you postpone one post and want to make sure you’re back on time with the next)

All right, you guys… let me give you some news!

There is a reason I was not blogging on time last week, you see I’ve been beyond busy with something else… Drumroll please…


Yep, you read that right. Sweden, Europe – we are coming for YOU!!!! And we’re traveling on a one-way ticket (yes, that right!!!)

You see, in the past few weeks Richard and I made the huge decision to quit our jobs, pack up our bags and leave our stunning little flat. We were talking and decided it’s time for an adventure, and boy, do we have a big one ahead of us!

We leave Noosa in less than three week (…send help!!!!) and will come to Sweden for about a months holiday before hitting the roads and doing a beautiful trip through Europe for nearly five weeks. Once our holidays are over the idea is to move to Stockholm and hopefully get work and live the Swedish life for a bit. At this point in time we’re looking at staying for a white Christmas before heading back to the land of Oz, but who know what may end up happening… (You see, this is where I’ve learnt over time that things always change along the way and you can never really rely on a plan to work out right the way you planned for it, so I guess time will have to tell)

Either way, ever since making this huge decision my life has been a whirlwind of getting organized, writing lists, planning, booking, packing, thinking, doing, doing and doing! And I’m guessing the next three weeks will be similar (most likely times 100 intensity-wise)

I’m beyond excited for what lies ahead and I cannot wait to travel across the sea and bring my camera to places familiar and brand new (oh, the blog will be so much more exciting moving forward!!!)

Now to the past week, whilst being absorbed in our little bubble we’ve also tried going on about life as per usual.

Last Monday we went for a gorgeous winter walk and had açaí bowls for breakfast.

Whilst at work I got my arts and crafts on and made a lucky wheel. (The idea is to use this as a staff incentive in achieving a larger number of enrollments to our loyalty program) it looks pretty darn cool, if I may say so myself (and I can’t wait until I have kids on my own and get to come up with little reward systems and arts- and crafty projects! What a dream!!!)

To celebrate midsummer this year I made my inaugural strawberry cake. As my flower crowns and decorations have already been packed up and put away I had to make do with some floral printed clothes, it’s not quite the same but I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get to celebrate a late midsummer the real way once in Sweden.

The week gone also involved a Photoshoot. In a lovely collaboration with The York Hub (ladies I suggest you check them out for all your kini-needs) and Rod Moore we did a beach shoot. I’ve just started getting some of the pics back and they look awesome, can’t wait to share the rest of them with you!

Now, I need to get back to my planning. Next up: accommodation bookings for the Amalfi Coast, Naples and Paris (…because, why not?) oh, I’m so excited!!!!

Have a wonderful, wonderful week.

With lots of love, H

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