Week 22 / 2018

Good morning sweethearts!

It is June… wait, let me say that again: IT IS JUNE (!!!!) and we are halfway through the year. Anyone else wondering where the first 5 months of the year went? I know I say this every month, but if it’s true that time passes quicker the older you get, then I must really be getting OOOOLD! And guess what?! Fittingly enough last week I did indeed turn a year older…

Truth be told, I’ve disliked getting older ever since my 14th birthday… I remember one instance all too well: it was the night of my 19th birthday and my best friend and I were sitting at home after a night out celebrating when I turned to her and said “you know what, turning 18 wasn’t so bad… I think I can actually cope with this…” – let’s just say when she told me I didn’t turn 18 but 19 I kind of didn’t feel as good about it anymore – but we had a great laugh!

So why this stress about getting older? Let me tell you this; I am a master (and by that I mean MASTER) at comparing myself to others (quite frankly one of my worst characteristics and one I need to work hard on removing) and so every year I add a digit to my age I keep thinking others have achieved so much more than me. Back in my young teens I was looking at Britney Spears and Hannah Montana thinking they’d made it to the screen or recorded records at the age I was reaching whilst I was still learning about geometry and the photosynthesis in school. Now adays the comparison is more about owning a home or having a family of my own – but still, I guess there is a time and place for everything for everyone and it doesn’t have to be at the same time for us all. My time will come too, right? Who knows, maybe this year I’ll actually become wiser and stop comparing myself? Here’s hoping!

So, long story short – this week was the week of my birthday and I got spoilt rotten and treated like a princess. Thank you to each and every single one of you for reaching out and making my day special!

Now follows an explosion of pictures from the days that followed, enjoy!

My celebrations started a day in advance (as you would know if you read last weeks post) with Richards mum treating me to a magnificent lunch by the sea. We had Poke Plates and it was like eating a rainbow!!! By far the best meal I’ve had in Noosa this year – Bistro C, you outdid yourselves!

Thank you also to Lee and Alan for always being so kind and generous to me. I love being part of your family!

On the early morning of my birthday I got woken up by song and presents in bed. We then went down to the beach for a sunrise walk and surf.

Whilst Richard was in the water I tried taking a traditional jumping picture… and Failed! (I even failed taking one of Richard as he came out of the water, but that was his fault for getting too close too quickly…)

I would hate to think this is the year I loose my ability to capture airborne poses, but who knows – maybe I’m getting too old for it??! (…until proven wrong I will however blame the technology; the fact that we were in an area with patchy reception could have caused the connection between camera and phone to play up…)

Once back home we packed the car and took to the road for a trip down the coast. With a few pit stops on the way, we set course for Gold Coast and Harbour Town Outlet Village.

Ain’t no birthday without IKEA, or McDonald’s breakfast for that matter… those knowing me would be well aware I’m a savvy little shopper and one of the best things about loyalty programs and birthdays is they mean freebies! Needless to say we made a big day out a cheap day out fueled by birthday vouchers left, right and Centre (thank you IKEA, Boost, San Churros, Sumo Salad, Whitchery, Cotton On, Kikki K, Myer and Priceline to name a few)

After a huge day of shopping (we both did well!) we checked into Sofitel in Broadbeach where we enjoyed some bubbles and salad before heading out for a nice sushi dinner.

We finished the night with a walk along the beach and could not resist getting a photo with Boroby, the Commonwealth games mascot.

The next day (still with some birthday vouchers on hand) we woke up, had breakfast and made our way to Pacific Fair shopping mall.

Upon returning to the hotel we spent a few minutes poolside but decided to move on and make our way to the big destination of the day: MOVIEWORLD!

I’m not a big fan of rollercoasters (you’ll be lucky to get me into anything at all, but I’m happy to wait in line with you and will never complain as long as the pressure is not there for me to ride along) but I do love my fun parks with characters! I quickly turn into a 5 year old and make it my mission to have my photo taken with as many of the characters as I possibly can!

This time around I must say I was pretty successful… I even managed to get Richard to pose for one! (Now that’s a first)

I don’t know about you, but I totally think we could have been part of the Scooby team full time, right?

Below are some of my fave snaps from the afternoon:

When the street parade wrapped up and the sun started to set behind the big coasters we hit the road again and made our way back up to our little piece of paradise. Stopping only 3 times for shopping and dinner (because there can never be too much shopping right???) we finally made it home right before our Cinderella curfew.

I spent the rest of the week soaking up the winter sun and savoring every moment of the sunsets when I was not working. The spectacular show of the nature never ever ever gets old, I mean: just look at it:

It is now ten past ten and I’ve got two more hours before I start work today. I think it’s time for some breakfast/brunch!

Don’t forget to check back in again next week (I wish I could promise you the same number of colorful and happy images, but I’ll at least promise you myself!)

And now, as the Looney Tunes would say;

Xx, H

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