Week 21 / 2018

Morning world!

It’s Tuesday before lunch, which means I’m almost back to posting on time again – hooray!

I hope you’ve all had a magnificent past couple of days filled with sun and shine! I’ve definitely had some wonderful beach days – all though the mornings and evenings are insanely cold (….okay, that’s 14 degrees cold….) the days are absolutely beautiful- crispy, clear colors and stunning weather.

To celebrate this winter weather I decided to treat myself to a new hat (well, you may have seen it last week too); but how perfect is it? $7 bargain from BigW, thank you very much! 🙂

I spent one of my evenings enjoying the sunset together with Sally and Dennis. The sky put on such an incredible show – I don’t think I will ever ever ever grow tired of the Australian cotton candy skies.

The next day I took them back to the airport and squeezed them hard one last time before saying good bye! It was great having them up for a few days, and oh how I wish we lived closer!

From one thing to the next, the below photo was from 6.30 AM when I walked to work:

Usually I’m a little bit of a lazy person and take the car to work when I start at 7 AM (…actually, let’s not call it lazy but practical as I drive straight to the grocery shops from work and that’s the reason I drive in the first place…) but this fine (FREEEEEEZING COLD!!!! …17 degrees…) morning the roads were closed as the Noosa Marathon was on. So, what did I do? Well, I hopped out of bed, got ready and then put my warm pajamas and track pants back on before walking to work. Yep, I admit it – I walked to work in my PJs before getting changed at the office, and it was brilliant!

However, the best part about starting work at 7 AM? That’s definitely finishing at 3 PM which means you can still go to the beach once work is done. And what’s not to love about that when the beach is next to empty and the skies as clear as below:

Next week (this week) I’ve got several days off (Tuesday – Friday baby!!!) as my BIRTHDAY is coming up! Woooooo!

To start off the celebrations I’m heading out to lunch with Richards mom, who is picking me up in the next 30 minutes, so I better start getting ready.

Have a great week and I’ll see you on the flip side (a whole year older!!!!)

With love, Hanna

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