Week 18 / 2018

Hello friends and Hello May!

Wow! This year is flying by at the speed of light and I cannot believe we’ve already reached May – the big birthday month in our little household (starting with Richard, then his brother, father, brother in law – and of course ME!!!) May always seems to be filled with family catch ups and this week definitely did not fail to deliver on that.

But first things first, I started my week getting a much needed massage.

I’ve got this wonderful lady I go to that lives a 45 minute drive away. I used to try and see her once every second month or so but since having the back injury at the start of the year I actually have not been, so it was great finally getting back (who doesn’t love a massage???)

When I got back home I was greeted by a slip from the postman informing me I had a parcel to collect… Can you guess what it was?!

Bingo!!!! My brand new, shiny blue, Australian Passport! Hip Hip Hooray! I’m still pinching my arm seeing my name and photo (and oh, what a beautiful photo it is…) next to the words ‘Nationality: Australian’. But it’s real! Eeeek!

How’s this for a Fun fact: this week marked my five year anniversary in Australia and it just so happened to be the very same date as when I first set foot in Noosa, but five years later of course, that I received my new passport. How’s that for an anniversary gift!?

This week has also been special because Richards sister Kara with kids are back in town. They moved to Darwin at the end of last year so we have not seen them in nearly 6 months.

To catch up we took to the National Park for a big walk. The sunset was almost as magical as the smile on Nathan’s little face and it was wonderful to just talk and walk!

And along came Sunday and with it Richards birthday (HOORAY!!!) I got up early to prep a breakfast consisting of crepes, ice cream and maple syrup and set the table up with a big bunch of pressies.

We spent the day with family down the beach in true spirit of all things Richard loves – surfing, nibbling on cheeses and snacks, beer-drinking and just relaxing.

My little monkey also got some tree climbing in whilst setting up the hammock (which of course was a great hit with everyone!)

Below are some images from our wonderful afternoon:

And to wrap it all up, a snap of my amazing birthday boyfriend and Lillian’s and mine beach hang.

It is now Wednesday evening and officially the latest I’ve ever posted a weekly update (sorry!) this post has literally taken me 3 days to finish as I’ve kept on getting interrupted. I better press post before something else comes up…

I’ll see you all again in a few days time.

With love, Hanna x

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