Week 17 / 2018

Good evening world,

Tuesday evening again… and a new month! Welcome May with all your birthdays, cooler temperatures and crisp, clear blue winter skies.

Last week flew by (I kind of feel like every week does, is that a sign I’m getting old?). I took every opportunity I got to soak up some vitamin sea and hang in my hammock.

On the Monday we purchased all sorts of goodies and had a breakfast picnic in our hammock by the river.

On the Tuesday we packed our bags and ventured back into the national park for fishing, reading and some more hanging.

As planned I got stuck right into some Coelho magic, so this weeks book recommendation would definitely fall on Eleven Minutes.

The next few days were followed by work but even a few of those days were ended by the ocean. It truly is a big, big blessing living next door to the big blue sea and I sure do thank my lucky star for all the hours I get to spend in the sun.

Because I’m a day late (again) I’m posting, here’s another little recommendation of the week:

Podcasts in general! Yoga Girls Conversations from the Heart in special. How great are podcasts for walking? Cleaning? Doing the dishes? Hanging out on a cliff edge? Well, I think it’s pretty brilliant and so I spend a few hours a week doing just that – listening to podcasts and doing all of the above. Feel free to hit me with your fave shows!

In closing I’d like to send the biggest, warmest and longest of Happy Birthday cuddles to my beautiful Mormor who turned 70 yesterday. Hip hip hooray! I hope your day was perfect. I love you!

I’ll see you all next week again.

Xxx, Hanna

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