Week 16 / 2018

Guess what? I’m back!

And I didn’t forget you… well, actually, I did – but luckily I remembered, so here we go; one day late!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful past 7 days, I hear spring has sprung in Sweden and it warms my heart seeing photos and videos from sunny days spent outside. Yay!

We’re definitely going towards cooler weather down under and even though the days can still be spent sweating away at the beach it’s safe to say I’ve been wanting to put on my fluffy slippers and little sweatshirt at night.

Last week (like this week) I had Monday and Tuesday off and what better way to spend days off than outside?

Monday we went fishing, sand-writing and hopping around on the beach. We finished the evening off by the sea, watching the sun set.

Mum sent me a book called ‘Sju dagar kvar att leva’ (Seven days left to live) by Carina Bergfeldt and true to style I got deep into it and finished it within a day and a half. The book is based on a true story and outlines a man on death row who’s got seven days left to live (hence the name). It also talks about the death penalty and American justice system and I found myself extremely intrigued – so to the point that I then made Richard watch Orange is the new Black with me and started spending every morning googling the reality of prisoners. We’re now up to season 2 of the show and if you haven’t already seen it (I guess most people would have by now, but I was a bit late so maybe someone else is too?) I recommend you start watching it.

On Tuesday I had this wonderful idea that I wanted a hammock. Wouldn’t it be the nicest thing ever, casually swinging about in beautiful surroundings? Well, I thought so and luckily Richard agreed so we went and bought one – and let me tell you this: it’s THE BEST $50 I’ve ever spent!!!

Anyone living locally and wanting to rip off my idea (be my guest, just don’t steal my trees to hang it from, haha!) I suggest you head to BCF (Richards favorite shop).

The rest of the week was spelt work, work and work (and of course, a little bit of Bachelor in Paradise and yoga in the evenings)

We’re now off to the beach with the hammock again, I think I’m going to get stuck into some Paolo Coelho (all time fave author) books!

Have a top rest of your week.

X, Hanna

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