Week 14/2018

Hey, hey, hey!!!

What a week it has been – work 6 days out of 7, yoga 6 days out of 7 and between work and yoga the days have just gone by…

I figured I’d start this weeks post by sharing some beautiful puppy pics, because who doesn’t love puppies?

And yes, of course it’s starring the one and only little Rosie (…used to be Millie…) and mommy Zoe. Pics taken by the talented Shirlz at Swirltography.

Hands up if you want a frenchie pup too after seeing these photos!!! (I know I do, they’re just so sweet). I’m keeping my fingers crossed the next litter Richards parents have will have plenty playful little ones so I can swim in a sea of puppy kisses and cuddles.

Back to the past week, it is really only the Sunday which is worth reporting from. And Sunday, my friends, was a big and productive day. As Tuesday (tomorrow!!!!!) is fast approaching we had plenty of things to get done.

We baked cheesecakes, dropped decorations and champagne off at the restaurant where we’re having lunch and ordered two big bunches of balloons.

For those of you living under a rock Tuesday is the day when I become Australian. I’m having my citizenship ceremony between 10.30-11.30 AM at a place called The J (it’s like a local community hall) and this is when I make my pledge and receive my certificate.

After the ceremony I’m having a lunch with the closest family and friends at Flux, located down the Noosa River, and in the afternoon I’ve invited a big group of friends to the park across the road from the restaurant where I’ll be serving up cheesecakes and celebrate some more. The weather is forecasted to be nice and sunny so keep your fingers crossed! I’m sure we’re in for a wonderful day.

To finish my preparations off on Sunday I also had my wonderful hairdresser stop by the house for a trim and blow dry. It’s such luxury not even having to leave the house and my hair is feeling fresh and healthy. Hooray!

This coming week Tuesday is definitely the big day to look forward to, and you can expect photos and stories from the day to follow. Iiiih, I’m so excited!

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

With lots and lots of love, Hanna x

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