Week 12/2018

Monday again! How fast is this year going? I cannot believe we’re already into the last week of March… that means one third – ONE THIRD – of the year has passed! Hello?!! Wasn’t it New Year’s Eve like last week?…

In the past seven days I’ve been feeling pretty down and low, to be completely honest. Work has been busy and taking up a lot of my time and my days off just haven’t felt that special or invigorating. Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve had rain almost every day (not all day, but still every day) for the last month or more? Maybe it’s the lack of exciting holiday plans to look forward to or events and outings to brighten up the weeks? (I know, I’m being stupid saying that – I’ve just gotten back from Sydney and my citizenship ceremony and celebrations are less than two weeks away…) Or maybe it’s just me having a little emotional dip? Anyone else feeling the same way? Anyone sitting on some tips and tricks on how to break the lull and get going again? Send them my way, Pleeeaasseeee!

For my days off this past week I had a list of “exciting” things that needed to be done (check car engine light, pay bills, clean oven and attend a bank meeting to name a few). I’m happy to say most of these got done – the oven still needs a good scrub, but at least the car is running effortlessly for now and we know our savings are healthy – however none of these to do’s made it onto camera.

I was talking to my gorgeous best friend Carin about how I’m feeling like I’m failing this blog week after week and she was so sweet telling me a how little picture outside the bank or an everyday story was just as good as anything else. Thank you for always having my back and supporting me when I don’t feel like I deserve it – I cannot believe it’s been a year (to the day) since you were here visiting me.

It’s bedtime in Australia, and this post is not really getting anywhere, so I think I’ll leave you with the above pictures of Carin and I from Sydney last year.

I truly hope you’re all going well and that the Easter bunny comes to visit every single one of you this week! (I’m going to have to try and convince Richard I’m not too old for an Easter egg hunt but I have a feeling I might be the one ending up organizing it for him instead… anyways, as long as I get to eat the chocolate that should be all that really matters, right?)

Sending you lots of love, Always!

Hanna xx

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