Week 11/2018

Hi friends!

It’s Monday, another week has gone and I’m back from Sydney and ready to give you a little update.

Last week started with a couple of work days. I then got to enjoy one day at home before heading down to the big smoke. During this one day off I had arranged for a Photoshoot, but for once I was not the object in front of the lens… instead little miss Millie (who I now need to learn Rosie, as that is what her new owners have named her) had a date with the ever so talented Shirlz from Swirltography.

It was great fun watching photographer and puppy interact and I’m sure we got some cuteness overload captured on camera. (I’ll post the pics once I receive them, for now I’ve got some behind the scenes for you!)

On Wednesday I flew down to see Nicola in Sydney. Well, first I spent 3 hours at our tiny little local airport as the plane got delayed (an engineering issue required professional attention and as there was not an engineer on the Sunshine Coast to tend to the matter someone had to drive through peak hour traffic from Brisbane to inspect, tick a box and get us off and away… crazy, but I guess I’d rather be grounded than midair if something was to go wrong)

Arriving late(ish) to Sydney we spent the evening with some takeaway food, much needed catch ups and an early night. The next morning the alarm rang at 5.30 to get us up and ready for an adventure in the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains is apparently the worlds largest canyon and it is absolutely stunning!!! A 2.5 hour car ride outside the city, it offers stunning views and great treks for hiking. We enjoyed the surroundings and did a few shorter little hikes.

Coming back into town we stopped at IKEA and refueled with some meatballs and lingonberry jam. Following onto our swedish theme we then continued the Friday with breakfast at ‘Fika’ (a swedish cafe in manly). One could say I got my quota filled between lingonberries, Kalles Kaviar and Leksands crispbread. Nicola was not as amazed by our kaviar…

The rest of our Friday we spent roaming the mall and doing some light shopping before heading home to get ready for the evenings big event – the Ed Sheeran concert.

With nearly 80 000 people in the audience and only one short little red haired man and a loop-pedal on stage it was a pretty incredible experience. He did the entire show live and all by himself and got the arena boiling with excitement. Definitely a great evening, however I must admit I’m more of a ‘smaller event’-type of girl – getting out of the stadium at the same time as 80 000 others is not the most fun…

On the Saturday I caught the ferry back into the city before making my way to the airport and back home to my beloved little Sunshine Coast.

Sunday I was back at work again – and that, my friends, was my week! How was yours? What did you get up to? I hope you had great fun!

I better wrap up this post before the person next to me rips the phone out of my hands (he’s patiently been waiting for me to finish so we can watch some Netflix before bed)

Until next time, my darlings!

Xx, H

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