Week 10/2018

Good evening Monday (…nearly Tuesday, and I’ll be honest with you – I was this close to forgetting to update in here today… BUT – I didn’t! Hooray!)

Hoping that you’re all well and happy, that March is turning out to be an amazing month and that you’re getting some beautiful sunshine.

My past week was a lot like a Rihanna song (work, work, work, work, work, work…) and I realize how little of an influencer/blogger I am! As much as I’d love to be out exploring and taking beautiful photos in beautiful places I just don’t seem to have enough energy at the end of the day, and when I finally do go out for a nice meal I leave my poor little camera at home because I want to enjoy the moment.

Therefor, I give you another week of very limited photographic evidence.

The one event I did bring my camera to was Laura’s ‘Ladies lunch on the river’ which happened Saturday. We were a group of 9 girls enjoying drinks and nibbles on the Noosa Catalina boat. All though this week has been rainy and grey every day, we actually managed to stay completely dry during our 3 hours to sea.

The sunnies worn by yours truly in the above pictures are my latest prescription glasses, which I collected right before boarding the boat.

I also got a pair of super-nerdy clear glasses but I’m afraid they didn’t make it on any photos this time – maybe next week?

And talking about next week (well, I suppose we should call it this week seen as it is Monday already) I might just happen to step up my game a little… not making any promises, but the fact that I’ve got a trip booked to go to Sydney definitely feels promising, don’t you think? The plan is to go down and visit Nicola (my previous work manager who moved back down about a month ago) and… we’re off to see Ed Sheeran!!! Should be a fun week ahead.

Finishing off this weeks post, let me share some of the images from last months collaboration with Pure Sands and Estrogen Noosa. How stunning are their sand-filled rings and pendants? I urge you all to look them up online! (Or just click their name above and you’ll get to their Instagram page)

And with that said, I’m off to bed. Sweet Dreams and best wishes for a wonderful week ahead!

Xx, H

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