Week 1/2018

  • Hi friends!

First of all, thank you so much for your wonderful response on last weeks big announcement and long post – I really appreciate you reading, liking and commenting!

This week, the first one of 2018, has kind of felt like a lifetime in my books… I’ll get back to why in a second but will start you off with a photo from the last hours of 2017, which (surprisingly enough) was spent at Rococo.

Richard and I started our evening with some fish and chips from across the road to later make our way down to Miss Moneypenny’s and Rococo. When the clock struck midnight we found ourselves barefoot on the beach, watching the sky light up in all colors of the rainbow. We then wandered home and were in bed by 1am.

Waking up on the first of January we really did not do all that much – we spent the morning in bed, had a long breakfast, swam in the pool and then finally left the house for Richard to get some new fishing gear. The plan was to have a BBQ along the river but the weather gods had different plans and by the time we made it out of the Shopping Centre there was a large storm rolling in. So we turned back home, had a BBQ on the stove top, watched a movie and later in the evening when the weather cleared up we went for a stroll and Richard for a fish. All though he didn’t catch anything, I managed to capture the first sunset of the year – and what a spectacular one it was!

On the Tuesday Richard went back to work and I got to work at home – cleaning out all bathroom cupboards, airing out the bed, washing all linen and giving the house a big scrub down. (Geeh, how good does it feel to tidy and clean?)

Three hours later the man of the house returned home again – opening every door wide open (yes, I do realize we live in Australia and need to get a breeze through the house however I also have this pet-hate of leaving doors open, especially after cleaning as the floorboards gets messy straight away). Quickly shutting the sliding doors behind him I did not think too much more about it until later when he went to open the door to go outside, only to find a friend on our doorstep… like literally, millimeters from the doorway… (Now, this is probably more so a reason to keep the doors shut – I would HATE to find this little fella crawling on my floor when I was home alone…) (Oh, and anyone disliking snakes and lizards I suggest you do a quick scroll and skip to the next paragraph)

I present to you, our new housemate (or let’s hope he was just a brief visitor): The Blue Tongue Lizard!

What do you say; Welcome to Australia where creepy lizards crawls through your front yard even though it’s just a teeny, tiny little courtyard in front of a townhouse situated on a busy street… Needless to say, I made it clear moving forward our sliding doors will now stay shut at all times.

I figured at least it would make for some good content for the weekly blog post, but little did I know things were about to get a whole lot spicier… (Now to the part which has made this week feel more like a lifetime than 7 days – pain really does not make time move fast)

You see, after cleaning the house I figured I’d treat myself to a beautiful meditation/yin class. Said and done, I rolled up my mat and went to class. For those of you who have attended a yin class you know the deal – the instructor takes you through a small number of poses in which you stay for a longer amount of time (2-10 minutes), this to ‘go deeper’ and work into the fascia rather than the muscles. When staying in these poses for lengthy time it’s common your body will take you through various sensations, all which you’re supposed to sit through. So, when my lower left leg started tingling and I felt like it was falling asleep whilst sitting in a pose I figured I’d just let it be and go through the sensation. I stayed on the floor for the reminder of the class, not thinking much of it and it was not until I went to stand up at the end that my leg collapsed under me and I realized it was clearly still ‘sleeping’.

In trying to wake it up I walked and I wiggled and I kicked and I did all sorts of things you’d normally see working, however after half an hour in the parking lot (I had driven to class and as I drive a manual car I did not want to get behind the wheel until I felt confident maneuvering the vehicle) I realized it wasn’t getting better. I somehow managed to get home, only to notice I had actually lost complete movement in some of the muscles around my left calf. I could not for the love of my life flex my foot, it just would not move. And somewhere then panic really kicked in.

It was not, however, until next day when the sensation still had not gone away that I decided it was time to see a doctor. Richard and I therefore found ourselves spending day 3 of 2018 sitting at the emergency room (him with an iPad watching fishing shows and me on a bed feeling silly, guilty and a little bit scared – I mean, who goes to yoga and steps out paralyzed???)

The doctors did a CT-scan of my lower back to find several millimeters of retrolisthesis and slight disc bulging. It was decided I would need an MRI, which I could not have in the ER, and as my condition was not considered to get worse over night I was sent home.

In the days to follow I’ve therefore been seeing radiologists and therapists trying to ease the pain that is now creeping up and, of course, work out what is going on.

I will know more by tomorrow when I get my results from the scan, but can we please all keep our fingers crossed it is fine? I still cannot flex my left foot and I’m hobbling around like an old lady, but let’s just hope that all goes back to normal soon.

Also guys, flex your feet for me. Appreciate having movement (hopefully without pain) through both legs and feet and just take a moment of gratitude. We never really seem to appreciate what we do have until we don’t have it anymore. So let’s all start by changing that today! More gratitude!

Now, on a happier note there was of course a couple of highlights during my week too. For one, I learned how to operate my camera remotely using my phone and managed to capture the below photos of the stunning yellow flowers next to my pool, all by myself:

I also spent a wonderful day with my friend, and so far still manager, Nicola (she will be moving to Sydney to continue her career in the next couple of weeks). As she is moving she had been cleaning out her wardrobes and I was lucky enough to score a large bag jam-packed with clothes and shoes. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!) In an attempt to fit it all into my wardrobe I also ended up tidying through all my clothes (with the horrible realization that I do not need a single more item of clothes ever again, but that is another story – one which I will probably and hopefully forget all about soon again…)

Lastly I got to spend my Sunday out in the sun in our beautiful Noosa National Park. We found a secluded little beach away from all tourists and holiday-makers and Richard went fishing whilst I worked on my tan (and my remote-controlling-camera-skills)

It is now evening in the wonderful land of Oz and I’m waiting for a video call from my little family back in Sweden. It’s my beautiful mamma’s birthday and I’m excited to see her open her presents and have some cake with her from across the seas.

Mamma, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you get spoilt rotten! You deserve it and I love you.

To all the rest of you, I hope your week has been fruitful but at the same time peaceful; that you’ve tried something new and done something you love!

Have a great evening and I look forward to checking back in with you a week from now.

With lots of love,


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