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Week 38 / 2018

Good morning Monday! My bad, it’s Tuesday now… I started this post yesterday and had every intention to publish it but got stuck writing it. So here’s round two, I’ve kept what I started writing yesterday too – I hope I’m not too confusing! It’s a new week and we’re (trying to get) back to…

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Week 37 / 2018

Good morning world! This week, coming to you straight from the Swedish country side with a re-packed bag featuring warmer/more autumn like clothing and a new adventure ahead… You know what they say; when waiting on something good, the wait can’t ever be too long… (All though, I will have to apologize again this update…

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Week 36 / 2018

Hello mom, dad, grandma and anyone else that may patiently be checking back in here to see if I’m planning to update you this week or not! The answer is yes, and the post you’ve been waiting for is finally here! *insert gospel choir clapping and dancing vividly* I do apologize for the wait! It’s…

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Week 35 / 2018

Good evening world, Coming to you straight from the sky (we’re currently mid-air between Barcelona and Nice) is a steamy hot update of the week just gone. First things first, The biggest and warmest THANK YOU to each and every single one of you for all your gorgeous wishes well and love after our beautiful…

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