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Week 30 / 2018

My, oh my am I enjoying myself, you guys!!! Swedish summer is hands down THE BEST thing there is. Like literally, in the whole, entire, wide world! …and when I say swedish summer I (of course) talk of the extreme rare occurrence of warm (30+ degrees) days on end with long, light evenings spent next…

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Week 29 / 2018

And so the adventure begins… Good morning world (it’s morning when I’m starting this post, but judging from all the photos in my camera roll and experiences on my mind that I’d like to share it is likely it will not be morning by the time I publish this…) We are now one week into…

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Week 28 / 2018

Coming to you from the city of the stroop waffle (Amsterdam) ..oh, and a few days later than expected, I blame all the flying I’ve been doing… Hey friends! We’ve officially left Koala Land and set foot in Europe! We’re currently resting our legs (never have I ever had feet and ankles as swollen as…

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Week 27 / 2018

Noosa calling! Hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend and feel fresh and rested for the week ahead. We’ve just woken up to spend our very last Monday in the apartment – Sunday this week we hand back the keys (and speaking from the heart, there is a huge part of me that wish it…

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Week 26 / 2018

Hey friends, It’s July and we’ve officially got two (pause for nervous, happy shriek!!!!) weeks left in Australia. Crazy, crazy, crazy! The packing and planning is definitely ramping up and I live with my phone in hand (…well, I guess I always do but this time I’m spending most of my time in my Notes…

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